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Welcome to our website and thank you for taking the time to learn something about us.

We are Nicky (27 yrs. old) and Dave Cane (55+ yrs. old), a father and daughter team who live on the Gold Coast in Australia.

We are Online Business Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Mentors, concentrating, not simply on the income that we make. But on helping others, like you… realizing your potential online, so you can live the lifestyle you want too.

We have always wanted to succeed and accomplish all our dreams and life’s goals. We have had many bricks and mortar and online businesses including MLM’s then….

We learnt the secrets to making money online – the easy way…

For us it was a double AHA! moment when we realised these 2 things …..

The FIRST Aha! was …. that every product I sold online or website I built, was a once off money making exercise….. It was linear… it wasn’t easily scale-able.

The SECOND Aha! was … that we didn’t have systems in place to leverage our time….. we did all the sales, all the follow ups, all the invoicing, as well as we had to do all the customer support.

The other big pitfall was… we didn’t have a coach or mentor. Someone that had done it previously and knew what worked best and what to avoid. This would have saved us a lot of time, money and headaches.

We have found an easy, proven business system, with one on one training. Plus NO sales, NO product development, NO Product fulfillments and NO Staff.

It is ALL Done for Us…. smilie face 🙂

Becoming wealthy is not about working harder or longer hours… it’s about leveraging system.

Taking a Step Back….

Nicky was in Retail and right now does Website and Graphic Design. Dave’s trade was as an Auto Electrician/Mechanic and later went on to start a Web Design business in 2000.

Just recently we both have overcome huge life threatening, medical obstacles, it was a case of learning to walk again…  now we are both well, a bigger smilie face 🙂

The other challenge was and it’s was a biggie… for Dave, retirement was just around the corner. Up until we found this Easy Online Business, which pays High Commissions, Dave had no way of funding his and his wife retirement.

Our Story – Our Why…

Why did we go from being in a Traditional Businesses to an Online Business, with leverage?

Well… there was the stress.
Only getting paid ONCE by the hour or ONCE for the completed project.
Then there were all those long days, that would occur, all too often.

It was that straw that broke the camels back… on the 28th October 2015.

Nicky got diagnosed with Cancer and for the next 18 or so months went through ongoing surgeries, and a variety of treatments, on top of learning to walk again. So that meant resigning from work then become dependent on the family.

Nicky went from working the previous 5 years where she was getting paid $30 an hour to a Government Sickness Allowance once a fortnight.

We thought before this:
If you work hard, you get paid, so you always have lots of money.

The problem: getting sick.

Dave went from building up a very stressful auto repair business. Selling it to start and  run a web design business. At the end of the day, it was just a job, however it did give some flexibility. Then the unwanted competition increased… this extra competition was the increase in the cheap DIY website platforms, thus our customer base was shrinking.
So Dave had to supplement his website income with a job, managing mechanical workshops.

Now the other  cruncher…. Dave was first diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in 2009 and has had many surgeries. Which was a cycle of being in and out of hospital for 8 years. That meant with a linear income, when he wasn’t working he wasn’t getting paid.

It didn’t make sense, we’d done EXACTLY what we were told to do by our family and friends:

  • “Study Hard in School.” – OK!
  • “Get Job Security.” – OK!
  • “Work hard and save money.” – OK!

So what had changed in the last year?
We found an easy proven online business system, were the products are supplied, sales, follow ups, product fulfillment, invoicing and staff are done for us. We had coaches to get us started to save us a lot of time and heart ache.

This now gives us want we really wanted all along, more time and money with flexibly to work from anywhere.

We can’t say that the last few years was all plain sailing.
What we can say is that we had such a strong why – to change our circumstances. ….

Hobbies and Interests

While Travel and weekends away are very enjoyable we love to just have a nice day out with family to the river or beach for a picnic. Nicky enjoys learning about history and trying different art pursuits. Dave is a huge fan of going to or watching motor racing and football events with his mates.

We have taken steps to achieve our dream lifestyle’s and we now spend more time with our family and we work from anywhere in the world, as long as we have an internet connection. Traveling was a distant dream. That was then…
Now those far away places we dream t of visiting, are now within our reach.

How can we help you?

There are probably many reasons why you are looking for a change.
You want something you don’t currently have!

In this business model, there are people from every walk of life. With the help available and an easy proven system, you can improve your lifestyle and cash flow.

The best businesses are built on systems to allow them to be as passive as possible. We have found a great one.

Those who join us, using this online business system are given the knowledge, training, and support which is accessible from a team of specialists in effective online marketing – they are second to none.

So as long as you can Copy and Paste, you can make a 6 Figure Income, online.

If you are looking at starting an online business or you have an existing business/product/service the knowledge you will gain and the understanding and strategies you will learn from this business system. Will allow you to effectively market online and can be used regardless of the program/product you want to market in the future.

Internet Marketing is a MILLION Dollar Skill and we can help you gain that skill.

Making it possible to have a business pay you, even while you sleep.

Warren Buffett quote make money while you sleep

We appreciate you taking the time to read about us and hope that you take action to get what you are wanting for your life….

Please contact us if you have any questions – we would be happy to help.


We Guarantee that we can show you how to Make More MONEY in Your SPARE Time than Most People Make Working Full Time!

Then you are in the right place!
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Have a Great Day, Talk Soon,

Nicky and Dave Cane

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