Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is promoting and selling other people’s products and taking a cut of the profit. Learn the truth about affiliate marketing including pros/cons, and tips to getting started and succeeding.

Online Business Training with Genesis Educational Library

What is the Genesis Educational Library? What Do You Get?

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The Genesis Educational Library is made up of 4 separate product packages (G100, G250, G500, G1000) that together form an incredible educational library.These Business Training modules each have a bundle of video and audio training in Internet marketing, Social Media and Email Marketing, Webinars, Copyrighting, Personal Development, Lead Generation and much, much more…
Top 5 Benefits to Promoting Affiliate Products and Opportunities

Top 5 Benefits to Promoting Affiliate Products and Opportunities

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get an online business up and running so you can earn recurrent income hands-free is by promoting affiliate products.What are affiliate products? These are products that other people own and that you simply promote. These can be actual, physical products — such as bicycles, cars, homes and so on. Or they can be digital Information Products — such as an eBook or a online business course.
Know The Marketing Metrics for Your Business Banner

Master Marketing: A Skill 4 Life & Earn Too!

Fact: every product and service needs good marketing!So by mastering marketing, you will; make more money in less time, future proof yourself, and gain a skill for life - Marketing.By gaining the ability to develop your skills to market anything effectively online - you can use your knowledge and skills with future businesses and products.
The Fundamentals of High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Businesses

The Fundamentals of High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Businesses!!!

What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing you might ask! It's a type of affiliate marketing and the term high ticket is usually used when referring to sales or in the case of affiliate marketing commissions of $1,000 or more.Want Another Stream of Income?Yes? Then read on you’ll understand how to Pick the Best High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Program... They are NOT All the Same!
Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

Normal Affiliate Marketing as a Business Model

Affiliate marketing is where you as an affiliate; you are promoting and selling specific products. You get paid a commission for each sale. It can be very similar to drop shipping.Like all Companies, Affiliate Marketing Companies also need to have the 7 Key Factors, equally strong.

What Is Affiliate Marketing… Now Explained Simply!

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing program. It's where an external partner (affiliate) is rewarded with a commission for delivering a specific result to a merchant(company). The result is often a valid sale, however, it can also be a completed lead form, a new free trial user, or even a new newsletter subscriber.Affiliate marketing is great because you don’t have to create or sell a product or a service. You are simply promoting it to your target audience.

High & Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs to Make Money

Affiliate marketing is valuable and has a bright and lucrative future. There are lots of reputable affiliate programs that can help you build multiple revenue streams.An affiliate program acts as an intermediary between affiliate marketers…
Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

Steps to TAKE to Get Started as an Affiliate Marketer

The lure of affiliate marketing is undeniable; who can resist passive income? But to make that passive income happen, you have got to put in some work first.To succeed in Affiliate Marketing, there are a number of crucial steps…
online profits in bags of money

Smart Entrepreneurs Leverage These Key Components…

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This is three of a series of articles to help Entrepreneurs. As so many struggle making money online!This is a follow up article on the last 2 articles on bettering your Return On Investment (ROI).  - One showed the basic math and…