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Be on Google’s 1st Page with Local SEO!

The easiest way to be on the 1st page of Google and it’s FREE.

If your business gets most of it’s business from customers who live near you. You must get serious about local SEO and your Google My Business page.

A Local Search is searching a Location and Service/Product eg ‘mechanic Eight Mile Plains’.


Citations are like having Digital Business Cards across the Net

Business Citations is a top influential element in your Local Ranking strategy.

Business citations are nothing more than an online business card, containing your business Name, Address and Phone number (NAP), posted on business directories. On business directories your citations, the NAP mentions of your business are presented as listings (directory profiles of your business).

And here we come to the essential part: what makes up for a perfect business citation?


SEO Tips – Google Loves Relevant Content

Google wants to deliver the best relevant content for the user.

That’s what’s made Google the No.1 search engine. Giving the consumer the most relevant results from a search.

To rank high on Google you either;
Pay Google through a Google Adwords Campaign or
You have well structure, easy to read, and recent/ regular content on your website that people want.

Do You Know What Most Small Businesses Need?

The things to strive for and to have in place as a small business owner is having systems, which any idiot can follow (any employee).

As well as, have someone capable to step into your shoes. This also applies to your tools of trade, car, van etc. Profitability will drop however if your profit margin is sufficient you should survive!

I’m Over the Naysayers & the Negativity

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.” ~ Chinese Proverb I’ve attended several high-level seminars where all of the participants had invested at least hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars to be there and to build up their businesses. I have often looked around the audience […]