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Pro’s & Con’s of Being an MLM Distributor

Chances are that at some point in your life you’ve come into contact with a multi-level marketing (MLM), direct selling, or relationship/network marketing business opportunity.

Today we will be looking at… the disadvantages and benefits of being an MLM Distributor.

Commitment + Taking Action = Success

To Be Successful…
You need to make the commitment and then take action.
The action needs to be planned and focused. You will get more done if you don’t chop and change.

You need to focus on one type of strategy, within your business plan.

Fix Your Thinking to Fix Your Life!

You can’t be a successful Entrepreneur of any size business if you have a ‘Give-Me’ or ‘Owe-Me’ mindset like that of an Employee.

Likewise, you will need to focus your thinking and think about what you are thinking about. You become what you think about… so be a positive thinker.

When Should I Add a 2nd Traffic Source to My Marketing?

We’ve always been an advocate of starting with ONE traffic source, mastering it, then layering in another—then mastering THAT before moving on to a third source.

But, that said, we want to make one thing clear: your FIRST focus should be creating additional communication streams and …