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Leaving Superior Phone Voicemails Every-Time

18 Tips to Leaving Superior Voicemails Every-time

Voicemails can either be your best friend or worst enemy (or possibly a little bit of both). It’s a common occurrence in sales and it’s a critical selling skill to possess. My suggestion is that instead of lamenting about how frustrating it is to reach people's voicemail, why not commit to improving your voicemail skills.
Ask Yourself These 5 Life Changing Questions!

Ask Yourself These 5 Life Changing Questions!

Everyone has those moments in life when you stop and evaluate where you’re at and where you’re heading. Most of the time those evaluations come because of a simple but powerful question. These types of questions can change our lives, turn us in another direction and open our minds to new experiences and people. Today I’ll share 5 simple, but powerful questions that will help you create your ultimate life... starting today! Just 5 minutes should do it!
Benefiting from LIVE Events

Are You Benefiting from LIVE Events?

There are thousands of conferences every year, and thousands of opportunities for attendees, exhibitors, speakers, and conference planners to benefit from these events. You don’t want to waste your time networking and not take action. Let's talk about getting the most out of live events.
1 Reason Why Many Entrepreneurs Fail

#1 Reason Why Many Entrepreneurs Fail

Want to know the #1 reason why many entrepreneurs fail? It’s totally different than what you might think. We fail because of how we're CODED. So, the bottom line is that before any of us start any business, we really need to take some time to invest into OURSELVES. We actually need to DECODE and then RECODE. You see, the funny thing is that we were all actually BORN Entrepreneurs, but then, as we grow up “in the system” - the Entrepreneur within us gets BEATEN out of us.
Fiat Currency - Worlds Money

You're Selfish! You Only Care About Money.

Unfortunately, some of the most successful entrepreneurs often get vilified because of their money. They get called greedy. Or selfish. Or dishonest. Often in the movies, the richest characters are also the villains - just think of the last 5 major Hollywood films you saw, and you'll see this is true. I believe that one of the main reasons more people don't get ahead financially, is because deep down they have a belief that to get rich, you've got to do something wrong.
Just Do It- Nike Slogan

Learning from the Shoe Dog...Phil Knight

I am endlessly intrigued by successful entrepreneurs, even if their businesses are incredibly different than mine. So, when I came across Phil Knight's Shoe, I immediately read it. Phil Knight is the founder of Nike, and Shoe Dog is his very candid, very inspiring memoir that centres on building his epic global business a business he started on a $50 loan from his father back in 1962.
Dealing With Your Emotional Weathers

Dealing With Your Emotional Weathers

The most common metaphor you hear when talking about emotions is ‘weather’. And it’s a good metaphor because our emotions do, just like the weather, come and go. The key is that people mistake thoughts for feelings. And so rather than disciplining their thoughts, they try to discipline their feelings – force them into narrow band centred around happiness, bliss and contentment.
Stop Money From Slipping Through Your Fingers

Why You Should Be Tracking Expenses Yourself

If your not tracking your cash flow in and out - your doing yourself and your business a disservice. In the beginning stages of building your business, you’ll likely wear lots of hats—possibly, every hat. As soon as you can start delegating, you should. As you transition into this "phase two", you'll need to add one more to-do to your list let's call it trust, but verify. No one is as engaged in or worried about your business as you are.
Importance of Multichannel Marketing to Audience Communication

Importance of Multichannel Marketing to Audience Communication

I often talk about the importance of Multichannel Marketing to audience communication. Email Marketing. Facebook. Direct mail. Instagram. Skype. Always more ways to connect with your audience. I'm a big believer in this, because over time most media channels lose their effectiveness. For example, there was a time when getting peoples fax numbers was all the rage among direct response marketers. You could send prospects a fax right into their home kind of like direct printed mail.