Communication Skills

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential skill in today’s world. Communication is a dynamic communicate can positvelyand negatively affect the relationships you have inyour work and life.

Leaving Superior Phone Voicemails Every-Time

18 Tips to Leaving Superior Voicemails Every-time

Voicemails can either be your best friend or worst enemy (or possibly a little bit of both). It’s a common occurrence in sales and it’s a critical selling skill to possess. My suggestion is that instead of lamenting about how frustrating it is to reach people's voicemail, why not commit to improving your voicemail skills.
Benefiting from LIVE Events

Are You Benefiting from LIVE Events?

There are thousands of conferences every year, and thousands of opportunities for attendees, exhibitors, speakers, and conference planners to benefit from these events. You don’t want to waste your time networking and not take action. Let's talk about getting the most out of live events.
7 key influencers of persuasion

What Great Sellers Know (and You Should, Too)

At Easy Biz Solutions we've always been a huge advocate for training and education - specifically, sales training. A large chunk of the entire business is anchored in the power of education. In the last 5 years, that desire to learn and grow has been reinvigorated.
Hiring People Who Are Solution-Oriented

It’s Time to Hire People Who Are Solution-Oriented

I'll just say it: I'm sick of the whiners. I'm sick of people who hit a bump in the road and completely shut down. I get it sometimes being in business is hard. But, as Entrepreneurs, we get paid to find and execute SOLUTIONS, not to sit…
Sell Yourself with Self Confidence

Do You Sell Confidence? NO, Build Your Self Confidence Now!

The one thing most new salespeople lack more than anything is the ability to sell with confidence. Being able to confidently deliver your pitch and answer the prospect's objections is one of the most important skills to master on your way to…
Get Better at Prospecting with these 8 Steps

Become Better at Prospecting These 8 Ways

Despite all the advances in social media, CRM software, marketing automation and other high-tech tools designed to connect sellers with willing buyers, sales prospecting still involves a lot of old-fashioned pick-and-shovel work to separate…
Tips to Overcoming Stage Fright

21 Tips to Overcoming Stage Fright

Whatever the survey, public speaking is ranked among the top - often above death. If you don’t know how to speak in public, you could be hurting your professional and personal life. There are two types of people in this world: 1. Those scared to give presentations 2. Those who love them. Me, I fall into the first category. Though l've gotten better at over coming stage fright over the years.
Overcome Objections

Your Idea Under FIRE? Effectively Handle Objections Easily

Imagine that you’re pitching a shiny new idea to your boss, prospect or client. You could be almost positive that they’ll like it, or maybe you know it’ll be a hard sell. And then comes the first hint of an objection: a skeptical…
our Phone Sales 22 Tips

Our 22 Phone Sales Tips To Use When Contacting Customers

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For how much time most of us spend on the phone, it’s amazing how poor our phone skills can become if we are not improving our skills regularly. It’s especially important for those in sales where’s it’s a necessity for you be on the…