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When Branding have a strong business and personal identity is what differentiates you from your competition. Giving your business a face and name to earn more trust from consumers.

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How to Position your Brand for Success

Now that we’ve explained what a niche is and how to create the ideal customer avatar, let’s briefly discuss what positioning is and how all these notions—niche, customer avatar and positioning—fit together. You have your niche, the part of the specific market that you want to serve. You know your ideal customer, their needs and wants. Now you’re setting off to create a product or solution for that ideal customer avatar in the specific niche. This is where brand positioning comes in place!
10 Branding Mistakes to Avoid

10 Crucial Branding Mistakes to Avoid

Your brand is a window into the heart and soul of your business and should, therefore, be taken very seriously. Businesses spend a lot of time and money getting a brand established. The harsh reality is that a simple branding mistake can…
Brand vs Branding

Your Brand vs Branding! Know the Difference?

Businesspeople often get confused when talking about their marketing, particularly with regard to brands and branding. There’s a lot of confusion out there about brands and branding. What’s a brand? What’s the difference…
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The Importance of Understanding Branding vs. Marketing

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In our last two articles we talked about the difference between Branding vs. Marketing and Which Comes First - Marketing Or Branding. In this article we promised to go over The Importance of Understanding Branding vs. Marketing when applied…
Marketing or Branding First

Which Comes First-Marketing Or Branding?

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As promised in our last article Branding vs. Marketing: Finding the Difference this article will answer the question of: Which Comes First - Marketing Or Branding? If you haven't worked it out it yet... It's Branding After all Branding…
Branding vs. Marketing

Branding vs. Marketing: Finding the Difference

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Have you ever before contemplated the difference between branding and marketing? If so, you aren't alone. As the two are doubtlessly linked, there are small variations between your two. As a business owner, it is vital that you realize…

Why Your Brand Is Vital to Increasing Your Online Presence

People will put more trust in what you have to say if you are well known in your field. The real skill that well-known authorities have is self-promotion. It’s a skill you should develop as well. The more celebrated you are in your niche,…

How to Choose the Right Domain Name

A domain name is the web address people click on when they want to visit your website. You need to choose your domain name before you begin building your website. Your domain should be easy to remember, tell your customers what your website…
10 Tips to Easily Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users

10 Tips to Easily Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users

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Today's marketplace is now increasingly becoming more mobile. Statistically almost 50 percent of business is now completed with a mobile device. It is time to improve your website and make it mobile friendly if you haven't already. The main…