Going into business for yourself is an exciting idea that requires cautious consideration. In addition, it’s contingent upon what you’re searching for in a business. The options are to begin your business from scratch by starting a start-up or to purchase an established business instead.

Both of these options have advantages and disadvantages so they ought to be weighed cautiously before any commitment is made. In this article, I listed the advantages of purchasing an established business.

Let’s get started…

When I first heard Michael Gerber (the guy who wrote “The E-Myth”) 5 years ago, I didn’t think too much of him. I read some of his stuff, nodded my head and moved on to the next guy. Didn’t seem too revolutionary.

That’s changing. Recently, I’ve been watching everything I can find about Michael on YouTube. I’ve listened to one of his seminars on Audible 5-10 times. I’m devouring his stuff.


Going into business for yourself is an exciting idea that requires cautious consideration. In addition, it’s contingent upon what you’re searching for in a business. The options are to begin your business from scratch by starting a start-up or to purchase an established business instead.

Both of these options have advantages and disadvantages so they ought to be weighed cautiously before any commitment is made. Last month, I listed the advantages of purchasing an established business.

Now, I’m going to share with you the disadvantages…

The analogy I will be giving today is that every entrepreneur is like an elastic band.

When you stretch the band a little bit, it will always spring back to it’s original size. When you stretch moderately, the same thing will happen. But, if you stretch it almost to the point of breaking… then you’ll notice it springs back to a slightly larger version of it’s original size.

Keep doing this again and again, and that elastic band will end up double it’s normal size. We’re just like the elastic band.

Unfortunately, some of the most successful entrepreneurs often get vilified because of their money. They get called greedy. Or selfish. Or dishonest.

Often in the movies, the richest characters are also the villains – just think of the last 5 major Hollywood films you saw, and you’ll see this is true. I believe that one of the main reasons more people don’t get ahead financially, is because deep down they have a belief that to get rich, you’ve got to do something wrong.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”
– Colin Powell

The difference between being ‘Well-Off vs. ‘Ultra-Wealthy’ is their … FOCUS!!!

There was a speaker that spoke on wealth. Who unfortunately is no longer with us. He said, “that you need TWO Businesses.”

Your PRIMARY Business, the one you’re likely putting all your focus on right now. And then your money management business.

Most people put 95% of their energy into their primary business.

If they want to make more money, they trade more time for money in their given profession. The accountant takes on more clients. The shop owner extends their trading hours. The mechanic fixes more cars.

They only put 5% of their energy into their 2nd business that manages their wealth. Which is often fairly PASSIVE. So you can even make money while you sleep!

For ultra wealthy people, it’s the other way around. 95% of their energy goes into their money management business – picking stocks, investing in real estate and checking their investments.

Only 5% of their energy goes towards their primary line of work. Master the same concept as the ultra wealthy and you’ll escape the hamster wheel sooner than you might expect.

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Humans have a destructive tendency to overcomplicate things. Building a business is no different.

The essence of a successful business is incredibly simple. As Paul Graham says, “you have to build something people want.” Expanded just a little, you have to create something that solves a problem or addresses a desire for people in a way they’re willing to pay for.

Simple, right? Simple but not easy.

Building a business isn’t easy by any means, but entrepreneurs often have themselves to blame for much of what makes building a business so hard. For example, it’s suddenly not good enough to grow an email list. Now, we’re told we have to segment our email list and customize what we send to each subscriber. Thus, turning what’s already a huge effort into a huge effort times two.

It’s not good enough to pick one social platform and do it well. We’re told we have to be everywhere all the time. It’s not good enough to create one solid product and grow it. We’re also told we have to create up-sells and cross-sells and down-sells and tripwires.

Record Your Personal BestThe no. 1 problem we hear entrepreneurs complain about is not having enough time.

Who could possibly have the time to do all of the above?

Don’t count the gurus and A-listers who told you to do all this in the first place; they have huge teams, elaborate processes, workaholic tendencies, and an incentive to tell you about the newest shiny thing.

It’s just not realistic for a solo entrepreneur, let alone one with a day job or, god forbid, a family or a full busy life. Likewise, we tend to overcomplicate success itself. Surely, it can’t be that simple. Once we find something that works, we have to move on to the next channel, the next product, the next technology, don’t we?

That’s how you grow a business, right?

This is where most of us get stuck. We experience a modicum of success, then start looking for something that can take us to the next level–when that thing might be right under our noses.

Your-Dream-Business-Automated-Done-for-you-300-sqHere’s the boring reality of growing a business: Sometimes, success is about doing what works, then doing that thing again, and again and again, Over and over and over. Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “What got you here won’t get you there,” before?

Well, what gets you to initial success is an intense process of trial-and-error, searching and experimenting. But maybe, this isn’t what will get you there. Once you’ve found what works, maybe your job is to perfect that thing before you branch out and optimize. Building a business is hard enough without giving in to the temptation to overcomplicate things.

Instead, do what works, then do it again and again and again. Then enjoy the results as you move closer and closer to achieving the success you want in life.

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In information marketing business you position yourself as an expert on a particular niche in the world of where people experience information overload almost daily.

Everyone on the Internet today is looking for one information or the other and this place you in a position of providing such information and then profiting from it.

Big companies like Google, Yahoo and Facebook are in the business of information dissemination and by this they are profiting wonderfully with it.

Let’s talk about why you’d want to build an information marketing business.

There are SIX big advantages of such a business:

1. It Replaces Manual Labor by “Multiplying Yourself” and Leveraging What You Know.

Leverage and Multipy Yourself

Whether you’re working for someone else or you’re a professional selling your services by the hour or by the job, you’re being paid for what you produce. The moment you stop producing, you stop getting paid.

Trying to multiply yourself by hiring employees to increase the amount of product you can sell is also full of hassles.

Employees leave and take clients with them. You have liability issues even if the employee does a good job. There are hundreds of ways an employee can get a business owner into trouble. The work and the aggravation never ends.

Your-Dream-Business-Automated-Done-for-you-300-sqWith an information marketing business, you create a product once, and you’re done. It takes a lot of work to create the product, but you can sell it many times, often over a period of several years, without having to do any additional work.

Running an information marketing business is a terrific way to multiply yourself in a way that few other businesses allow.

2. Buyers of Your Information Products Will Buy More.

The people who buy your information product will buy other information products from you. Whether they’re products you create yourself or products you license from others it’s up to you.

StrikeYou can additionally partner with different information marketers to sell your merchandise or pay them to design merchandise for you.

Once you find a customer who wants information about a particular subject, that customer will continue to buy information from you on that subject.

By encouraging repeat business you are further leveraging yourself. You do this by spending a certain amount upfront to identify potential customers and sell them your information product. That first product can then be used to sell them other information products.

Once you’ve gotten a customer, you’re going to be able to sell that customer many things as long as you continue to provide high-quality information at a good price.

3. A Small Amount of Interaction with Buyers is Possible.

One of the best things about the information marketing business is that very few customers insist on coming to your business location to buy your products.

This means you can work at home and you don’t have to worry about customers showing up at your door to buy your new product. You can create products and sell them online from your beach home or as you vacation around the world.Number 1 in the World

As long as you’ve got a way to create a product, you don’t have to be in any particular location for people to buy it. Not only is this exceptionally convenient, but it helps you get into this business with very little overhead expense.

4. Few Staff Members are Necessary.

The information marketing business is a terrific business because you don’t need a lot of people to run it.

Many info-marketers have no employees and instead pay an independent contractor to help maintain the customer database, ship products, and handle customers’ questions.

This is known as “outsourcing.” You can literally operate a business that makes well over $1 million a year with very little staff and very little operating overhead.

5. It Takes Just a Small Investment to Get Started.

The information marketing business doesn’t require a lot of equipment, fancy offices, furniture or multiple computers. It doesn’t require special licenses (in most cases) or special education or degrees.

Buyer with Cash and Piggy Money Bank

You just need to leverage the information you already know. How?

By identifying a market of people (niche) who are excited about the information you have, creating a product those people want, and offering it to them in a persuasive way. That’s why you can get into this business with a low startup budget.

Of course, you must be willing to put some money on the table to find potential customers and market your product to them. If you try to do this business without any investment at all, you’re certain to fail.

6. There’s a Large Profit Potential.

Many info-marketers are earning hundreds of thousands or even million-dollar yearly incomes through their information marketing businesses.

Affiliate Products

They do this by researched potential customers, found out what those customers wanted the most, and then offer it to them in a compelling way. They don’t stop there they then continue to sell their products to each of their customers until they were making a lot of money and they have created an loyal buyer.

This is a business that’s easily scalable; where you can make it as small or as large as you want. However don’t think an information business doesn’t require work. It does. You’ll have to work hard, just the same as any other entrepreneur does.

The good news is…
That if you put in the necessary work in, you can eventually replace your manual labor by multiplying yourself and leveraging what you know to create new products.

Your customers are aiming to get additional from you in the future. Which means you can run your business with little interaction with your customers.

You can be successful using a very small staff. It takes a small investment, and the payoff can be huge–if you stick with it and continue to develop your business.

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