The easiest way to be on the 1st page of Google and it’s FREE.

If your business gets most of it’s business from customers who live near you. You must get serious about local SEO and your Google My Business page.

A Local Search is searching a Location and Service/Product eg ‘mechanic Eight Mile Plains’.

Business Citations is a top influential element in your Local Ranking strategy.

Business citations are nothing more than an online business card, containing your business Name, Address and Phone number (NAP), posted on business directories. On business directories your citations, the NAP mentions of your business are presented as listings (directory profiles of your business).

And here we come to the essential part: what makes up for a perfect business citation?

Google wants to deliver the best relevant content for the user.

That’s what’s made Google the No.1 search engine. Giving the consumer the most relevant results from a search.

To rank high on Google you either;
Pay Google through a Google Adwords Campaign or
You have well structure, easy to read, and recent/ regular content on your website that people want.

I have developed many shopping cart websites for clients, so they can sell their products online.

The online store owner normally thinks that they put up a fancy website and the orders just come rolling in, without doing anything else…

At the end of last year I talked about:Why it’s important to clean your email list regularly.’

Once you have cleaned your email list you properly found that you had at least a few dead leads.

Now, your subscribers were probably not dead on arrival. As the list owner, it’s imperative that you evaluate what’s causing the drop-off in interest, so you can fix the problem.

Causes of Decreased Email Engagement include:

  • Silence: You left them hungry for content by not sending emails.
  • All SELL but NO Value: You sent out nothing but promotional emails and didn’t create value for your audience.
  • Missing the Mark: Your content didn’t resonate with your audience.
  • Overwhelm: Your subscribers get too many messages and yours didn’t stand out.

What You Want To Do Is…
Get your subscribers to tell you what they want, what they really, really want!

Whether you missed the mark during your initial email campaign, or you’re re-engaging after a long absence, it’s important to understand what your audience does want.8 Emotions That Drive Us To Buy What We Want

It’s not hard just ask them…

Send an email asking your subscribers why they signed up, and what kinds of information, content, and insights you can offer that will make them stick around.

If you want to test specific hypotheses, use a survey.

Or offer personalized 15-minute consultations to 10 people in exchange for them letting you interview them for five minutes.

Conduct research on what your audience wants and what your competitors aren’t providing to find the sweet spot for your message and content.

This will keep you on the right track!

Assess what’s gone wrong, engage to find out how you can provide value, and finally take a data-driven approach to relaunch your email list with a new email campaign or follow up.

By engaging smartly with your list can turn your email into a highly profitable customer channel for the long run.

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Reasons to Use Email Marketing

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The best Entrepreneurs learn how to use attraction marketing which is the concept of leading with value to attract your perfect prospects to you. Which is important when doing Email Marketing effectively.
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In the next article, I will talk about how you can re-engaging a cold email list.
So keep your eyes peeled!

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Now we have been asked:“Why it’s important to clean your email list regularly.”

Being proactive in your email list cleaning is an essential part of any successful email marketing strategy because without it by the time you discover that you have an issue with email hygiene it’s generally too late.

How do you know when it’s time to clean your email list?

Well, you can usually see the first warning signs in your email marketing statistics. Just login into your Email Marketing Service Provider (aka Mail Chimp or AWeber) and see if you have any of these following problems:

  • Reduced open rate
  • Reduced click through rate
  • More unsubscribes
  • More spam complaints

All of this adds up to one big red flag. If people aren’t opening and clicking, they aren’t converting. That means you’re missing out on leads, sales and revenue.

Want more reasons why you need to clean your email list? Keep Reading…

My 8 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Email List Regularly Starting from Today

1. Increase Email Deliverability

LawAs your deliverability rate lowers, so does your reputation with internet service providers (ISPs).

A poor reputation will lower your deliverability even further. So avoid this spiral by cleaning your email list regularly to eliminate invalid data and keep your VIP stat looking polished and healthy.

2. Reduce your Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a vital sign indicating the general health of your email list.

List cleaning keeps your bounce rate tiny by removing the invalid, discontinued, and fake emails that are responsible for most hard bounces and identifying risky ones that could lead to additional hard or soft bounces.

If your bounce rate goes above 3 to 5%, you will immediately see a negative impact on your deliverability and inboxing rates. At 8 to 10%, your delivery rates will start to drop dramatically.

Additionally, some systems employed by email service providers, like Omnivore by Mailchimp, will suspend your account if you just exceed the standard bounce rate for your industry.

3. Reject the Junk Folder > Find the Inbox

Email Hygiene - Get Emails into Inbox not the Junk FolderEmail list cleaning is essential to a successful inboxing strategy. While email design best practices plays a vital role in inbox placement rates.

It doesn’t matter how relevant your subject line, if your company is known for sending to unresponsive, closed or inactive email accounts then there’s a higher chance that your emails will get flagged and redirected to the junk folder.

4. Protect All Your Reputations

Undelivered emails and spam traps can do a number on your sender reputation in a hurry. The internet is kind of like high school– once you get a bad reputation word spreads quickly. Reputation Management Helps You To Look Good OnlineYou will soon find yourself blocked from the inboxes you want to reach.

And you don’t have just one reputation to protect. Once upon a time, your email sender reputation was all about server (or IP) reputation. While server reputation is still very important, it’s equally important today to watch out for your domain reputation.

5. Avoid Honey Pots

Honey Pots (or Spam Traps) are valid email addresses created for sole the purpose of catching spammers at work. They are like kryptonite for your sender score and can even get you blacklisted by ISPs.

The best email verification services update their databases of known spam traps continually, to help you avoid being tripped up by one. No service can truthfully promise to remove all honey pots from your lists. But following email collection best practices and regular list cleaning will help to keep you off the ISP hit list.

6. Fewer Spam Complaints

Dirty WordsCleaning your email list reduces the number of spam complaints. Some subscribers mark your emails as spam because they don’t remember signing up, even if they actually did.

The problem is that email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and others log spam complaints. If there are too many, they’ll start sending your emails straight to the spam folder, which means skipping the inbox.

And they’ll do that for everyone you send email to – not just the people that reported you. That is a huge problem for all Email Marketers.

Email Cleaning helps by cutting down on the number of subscribers who are annoyed enough to mark your emails as spam. Fewer spam complaints equals a better sender reputation. That means more of your emails will reach subscribers’ inboxes.

7. Lower your Sending Costs

Stop Money From Slipping Through Your FingersWould you change Email Marketing Service Provider to save 22% on your annual bill?
If so, then why are you wasting money sending to an email list that hasn’t been cleaned?

Email data degrades at an estimated rate of around 22% per year as people change addresses, jobs or just disappear from the digital space. If you haven’t cleaned your list in a year then you are paying to send emails to accounts that are no longer active.

We definitely don’t recommend this! You could be using the money you save on your email service provider in your marketing e.g. Facebook Advertising.

8. Increased Data Accuracy Leads (Better Reporting) to Superior Strategies

Improve Data Accuracy

When your email list is bloated with unengaged subscribers, it can be hard to tell how your email marketing strategy is working.

It feels great to hit benchmarks for email collection. For example, what if your company database just hit half a million contacts? That’s great!

However, if you’re hanging onto dead leads in your database just to pad your stats it is nothing but vanity.

Good strategy sometimes involves making tough decisions. Swallow your pride and cut your list down to its true size.

A smaller list that’s truly interested in and acting on your messages, will provide you with email marketing statistics that will be more accurate. That means you can safely use that data to guide your future marketing efforts.

Just to Recap:

Cleaning your email list will generate immediate positive results that bring you greater returns on the time, energy, creativity, and money that you invest in your mailing campaigns.

Execute an email list cleaning now or before your next email campaign to avoid much bigger issues down the road.

A service that will clean your email list accurately and super quickly – Sign Up Here!

If you currently use AWeber as your Email Marketing Service Provider then you can manually clean your list by following these instructions.

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Reasons to Use Email Marketing

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Messenger bots have been the clear winner for the best marketing channel since 2017.
If you have a Facebook presence and you are not using them, you’ll fall behind all of the other smart marketers that are taking advantage of this audience growth tool.

A bot is a piece of automated messaging software that uses AI to converse with people. They are programmed to understand questions, provide answers, and execute tasks.

A Facebook Messenger bot is a bot that lives in Facebook Messenger, meaning it converses with some of the 1.3 billion people who use Facebook Messenger every month.

As of the 2018, Facebook has 300,000 active Messenger bots. That’s three times as many as 2017.

Why use Facebook Messenger bots for business? There are major advantages to using a Facebook Messenger Bot. Get them here!

14 Benefits of Facebook Messenger Bots in Business:

1. High Customer Satisfaction

Humans are bound to change of emotions.

While Facebook Messenger Bots on the other hand, are bound by some rules and obey them as long as they’re programmed to. They will always treat a customer in the perfect way no matter how rough the person is or how foul language the person uses.

2. Better Open Rates

The Number of People who prefer bots has been increased in recent years and has recorded-high in numbers. Messaging is the main way of interacting with customers which gives quick responses in a simple way.

LawAs there is an 70% open rate and 20% click-through rate in Messenger far exceeds the 15% open rate and 2% click-through rate in email (2018 Stats).

Bots has higher open rates than email because of its interactive and immediate response. It asks questions in real time and be able to solve your problem with ease. People don’t have to wait to get their answers.

3. Better Engagement

A Business with higher engagement can boost their sales up. Most of the business are trying to be present on the social media to engage and interact with the customers.

Bots can use visual content like videos and images to keep customers interested. A character driven experience to the customers helps in better engagement.

It’s important to know that Facebook Messenger also earns 15 times more engagement than standard ads (2018 Stats).

4. Personalised Experience

Personalisation appeared to have a positive effect on the click-through rate. Personalising according to the specific customer helps to aim target audience.

It’s important for brands to consider the user experience first. They should look at how they can deliver a better, more personal, experience to customers across many touch points.

Creating a pleasant bot interface and unique experience will enhance the efficiency of Messenger Bot. Differentiating the product service and information to increase sales and customer satisfaction helps to drive and serve customers.

5. Greater Handling Capacity

Unlike humans who can only communicate with one human at a time, bots can simultaneously have conversations with thousands of people. No matter what time of the day it is or how many people are contacting you, every single one of them will be answered immediately.

6. Cost Effective

Hiring a human for a job is never a cheap affair. By having a bot that can do the work of multiple employees it drastically brings down the expenses and can bring about a steep rise in revenue. Increase Conversions with FB Messenger BotAlso, there’s a low barrier to entry for both you and your target audience. Facebook Messenger is the third most-used app in the world, used by 68 percent of app users. People exchange 2 billion messages with businesses over Facebook Messenger every month.

If you want to communicate with your customers build a Facebook Messenger bot. Its alot cheaper than building a mobile app.

7. Quick Response Time

The bot resolves the customer problems in no time. Quick response time will be a major factor for keeping customers engaged.

For example, a bot can schedule the meeting to give you time to do more important things.

Customer service is important for brand to clarify product related questions. Bots can reduce wait times for customers and solve issues faster. The future of A.I. is incredibly bright and continue to help us with the everyday tasks.

8. Work Automation

Time Management

People tend to be less productive when given a recurring job or work. We humans usually get bored doing the same thing over and over again. Bots can now automate tasks which are to be done frequently and at the right time.

9. Works 24/7

Since Messenger Bots are basically virtual robots they never get tired and continue to obey your command. They will continue to operate every day throughout the year without requiring to take a break.

10. Alternate Sales Channel

Messenger Bots can sell your products for you because they’re online 24/7. A recent study suggests that 70% people prefer texting rather than calling. And now with the dominance of Amazon in eCommerce, no one needs to drive themselves to a store to buy things.

As a result, people tend to go online to meet their needs.

This provides bots an opportunity to sell products which would suit the needs of each customer. Also they will remember a customer’s answers and tailor their responses. In doing so they create a personal level of service that closely mirrors human interaction.

11. Gather and Analyse Customer Data

Messenger Bots are built with a purpose to understand human behaviour and provide data analysis about the customer. A bot can get customer insights like user location, type of device, browser which helps in personalising.
Bot analytics provide brands an opportunity to go even deeper into their data analysis. Brands can take strategic as well as tactical decisions based on the analytics derived by bots.

Data Measurement - measuring tapeThe analytics will provide complete picture of their customers.

Messenger Bots interact with customers directly in the real time. Not via some 3rd party. Which means, the brand can avoid collecting data analysis from scattered sources.

12. Lead Nurturing

Bots help by automating the initial process of capturing more leads and predicts customer’s buying journey.

The facebook messenger marketing helps identify target customers so you never want to waste your time to set new lists for targeted people. The bots are more reliable in engaging potential clients and ensures leads stay connected after the initial contact is made.

13. Notify Relevant Messages

Users need not always initiate the process even if the bot can start its own conversation when its required.

It notifies the relevant users about a new order being placed, and acts upon it based on the response from the required user. It is a great feature of bot that sends an alert when it is necessary.

Also a bot can keep customers updated about their brand. Bots can even be featured in advertisements.

14. Make Payments Easier

Messenger Bots can be designed to receive payments. Payments capabilities to chat apps could not only increase usage of chat apps also generate significant revenue to your Payment System

It’s TIME to Get a Facebook Messenger Bot…

Data shows that more and more people are more comfortable to chat rather than call there will be a demand for use of bots in several industries. The reason for such exploding popularity is the rise of mobile messengers and extension technology of artificial intelligence.

Messenger Bots are an excellent for any business because using a bot can grow your business by helping you to reach a larger audience quickly and directly. Bonus: You can build your own bot without any coding experience with an existing platform.

If you need any help just Private Message Us at our Facebook Messenger link.

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There’s a deadline on the horizon that affects and requires action by Facebook Page admins. Starting Jan. 1, 2019, Facebook is requiring page-level subscription messaging permissions.

What this means is that if you want to do Facebook Messenger marketing, your Facebook business page has to be approved to do so.

Before the end of the year, Facebook Messenger marketers need to act to apply for subscription messaging. It’s an important change from the current system of Facebook messaging permissions.

If not, they won’t be able to send the free messaging type called non-promotional subscription messaging.

If you’re a Page admin and this news sounds like it affects you, read on for everything you need to know about the change, how to apply, and tips for getting approved.

What’s Subscription Messaging for Facebook?

Subscription messaging gives a Facebook Page the option of sending regular content to a person on Messenger.

Here’s what Facebook’s documentation says on subscription messaging

Examples of promotional messages that Facebook gives are daily deals, coupons and discounts, or sale announcements.

What’s the Benefit to Sending Subscription Messages?

Facebook Messenger marketing is the marketing channel with the highest engagement today.

The 2018 Stats are: A 70% open rate and 20% click-through rate in Messenger far exceeds the 15% open rate and 2% click-through rate in email.

Facebook Messenger is where the Money is at!

When people opt into subscription updates from your Page, they’re a highly engaged member of your audience who’s raising their hand and saying, “Let’s stay in touch, please keep me in the know.

Increase Conversions with FB Messenger Bot

Through regular content updates, your Page can become a trusted source of information that helps your subscribers learn new things, stay informed, and get more from life.

Staying in contact with your Messenger audience is a great way to maintain awareness and nurture relationships.

Sound good? Now you’re going to have to apply.

How do I Apply for Facebook Subscription Messaging?

Here’s a quick run-down. Applying is easy and quick.

1. Get to the application from Page settings.

 Request Subscription Messaging on Facebook Step 1
2. Click “Messenger Platform” and then click the link “Request” under Advanced Messaging Features.
Request Subscription Messaging on Facebook Step 23. Fill out the Application which has 3 parts:

  1. Select the type of messages your Page will send from the three options: news, productivity or personal tracker.
  2. Provide additional details, describing the information and update services your chatbot provides.
  3. Give atleast two examples of subscription messages your Page will send.

Request Subscription Messaging on Facebook Step 3It’s the examples of subscription messages your Page will send, that stumps most people.


  • The subscription messaging application is reviewed by a real human.
  • Your examples should fit the type of message. Most of Pages will be applying to send news updates.
  • If you’re applying to send news updates, make sure that the examples you give are news updates!

Download this subscription messaging approval cheat sheet for examples of bad, good and better message examples.

What If Your Subscription Messaging Application Isn’t Approved?

First, don’t fret.

There have been lots of Page Admins reporting that their application was denied and seeking advice for what to do next.

So you might ASK: what are the options for Facebook Messenger messaging if my Page is not approved for subscription messaging?

So please relax! As far as we know, there’s no limit to how many times you can apply.

So just apply again! And again!

What Will Happen If I Don’t Apply for Subscription Messaging?

If you don’t apply for subscription messaging, then on Jan. 1, 2019, you won’t be able to send non-promotional subscription messages for your Business Page.

It’s important that you apply for subscription messaging in order to get the advantages of Facebook Messenger’s 1.3 billion active users, mobile-friendly conversational interface, push notifications and unicorn-level engagement.

So if application is rejected. Just apply again.

Of course, if you need some help fast just Private Message Us at our Facebook Messenger link. 

We love to help you grow and scale your business through smart online marketing strategies so you can have a bigger impact and thus a better life.

So don’t be a dummy apply for Facebook Subscription Messaging before its too late.

Talk Soon,
Nicky & Dave