“The real advertising writer who is after results makes the reader want something – and then provides what the reader will
consider a good excuse for buying it.”

~ Clyde Bedell

For the lead singer of the Beatles, John Lennon, writing hit songs was the way to get what he wanted in life.

“Okay, let’s write a swimming pool” he said famously to his friend Paul McCartney. If a new song was a hit, he’d have the money he needed to buy the things he wanted.

John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney

The same concept that got John Lennon his swimming pool (and many other nice things) can get you all the things that are important to you. But instead of hit records, you can write winning advertising campaigns and sales copy.

We’ve had many ads… but, there’s a small handful of them which have outperformed the rest.

Spending your time thinking about, crafting, and testing new ads is some of the most important work you’ll ever do as an entrepreneur.

No matter what, staying focused on the part of your business which brings in new leads- your ads – must be an absolute priority.

And very few people will be able to do it as well as you can as you know your business and target market, because you know your market so well.  You know what makes them tick, and what they’ll respond to.

To Write Great Copy ONE MUST:
Grab their Attention -> Make them Interested ->
Create Desire to Learn More -> Make Them to Take Action.

We have a 7 Step Guide for you to Follow so you can Start Writing Great Sales Copy which will make people want to give their money to you, so you can get what you want:

Step One: Start with a Big Promise.Trust

Brainstorm as many as you can. When you can’t come up with any more, review your list until you find the biggest and best promise.

That’s the one to use.

Step Two: Paint a Vivid Picture.

Use expressive language to make it real in the minds of your prospects. Get them to see what you see.

Selling is a transfer of emotion, so the more intensely you believe in something and the better you paint the picture of what you believe, the more real it becomes to them.

Step Three: Give Them Proof.

Back up your claims. Although selling is an emotional activity, people need to justify their decision with solid facts.

Step Four: Tell Them WHY it’s Unique.

There must always be something unique about you, your company, and your products or services.

You must differentiate or die. If you can’t think of anything unique about your business or what you sell, it’s up to you to create the uniqueness.

Find or develop points of differentiation that are important to your prospects.

The more unique your product/service is in ways that are important to your marketplace, the more selling power you’ll have—and the more people will be ready, willing, and able to give their money to you.

Step Five: Close by Telling Them Why They Must ACT NOW.

People need good reasons not to postpone their buying decision.


Remember, your competitors (both indirect and direct) are also trying to win the business of the same prospects you’re after.

You must do everything possible to be heard above the crowd.

Create a sense of urgency, providing clear and compelling reasons why they must buy now.

If there are no such reasons, you must create them—and they must be credible. The more good reasons you give people to take action immediately, the more money you’ll make.

Step Six: Make Them a Special Offer if They Respond Now.


This becomes one of their biggest reasons for responding immediately.

Offer free bonus gifts that are exciting and valuable to them, and emphasize that those things are only available for a limited time.

Take Use 6 Steps to Creating a KILLER OFFER that Converts and that will increase their sense of urgency.

Step Seven: End with a Reminder of Your Promises.

Provide a complete summary of the offer, simplifying it as much as possible.

Make the strongest possible call to action, doing everything you can to persuade them to give you their money now.
Want a Pool like John Lennon?

A good sales letter (and accompanying well-written campaign) can make you all the money you need to put in a pool… buy a house… donate to your favorite charity… or do whatever else is important to you.

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To Write Great Copy ONE MUST:
Grab their Attention -> Make them Interested ->
Create Desire to Learn More -> Make Them to Take Action.

Happy Writing!

Talk Soon,
Nicky and Dave

“Capital Letters Were Always The Best Way Of Dealing
With Things You Didn’t Have A Good Answer To”

– Douglas Adams

When and how to use capital letters can be a problem. When writing casually to friends it’s acceptable to drop capital letters. but if you are writing anything more formal then you need to use capital letters correctly.

We are always amused – and slightly terrified – by people who regularly write their Facebook status updates and other things like entire emails in all caps.

We don’t really know why they haven’t learned yet that WRITING IN ALL CAPS IS EQUIVALENT TO SHOUTING.

Really. It doesn’t matter what you’re saying. You can be the nicest person, writing a perfectly harmless statement, but hit that Caps Lock button, and suddenly you sound like a raging psycho.

So what’s up with that?

Incidentally, those that overuse Caps Lock sometimes also have the habit of writing things in bold too. As in, whole paragraphs. Which is ridiculous because when you write everything in bold, you have missed the whole point, which is to emphasize a specific word or phrase.

We are sometimes guilty of this.

Remember, the whole point of writing is to clearly communicate a message.

Two Reasons NOT to Use All Caps

Reason #1. People don’t really like listening to those that Shout.

You can’t blame us, really. It’s something we learn from the time we’re kids: Shouting = Not Fun. That means we’ve probably in trouble.

So we shut off, don’t really listen, start wondering how to cover our asses in case we really are guilty of something, and hope you’ll calm down sometime soon before you give yourself a stroke.

Message NOT received.

Reason #2. A block of text in all caps is actually more difficult to read.

‘Tis true. Studies have shown that text written in ALL CAPS is 40% less legible than text in Caps & lowercase, or just lowercase.

We’re not exactly sure why – some people say it’s because lowercase letters differ more in shape and therefore provide greater contrast, but personally, we think it’s the SHOUTING. Now we’re back to Reason #1.

So if you’re an incorrigible all-capper, do yourself a favor. Just kill the Caps Lock button and come back down to lowercase with rest of us. we promise you won’t regret it. 🙂
Want to create a powerful sales copy?
Then start making these mistakes.

Typing in All Caps

The 5 Rules of USING Capital Letters

Rule 1: To Start a Sentence

There are no exceptions to this rule.
This means that, after a full stop,? and ! you always use a capital letter.

However if in the sentence you have a clause in parenthesis (brackets) or sequence separated by dashes, and if these end with a question mark or exclamation mark, you should continue with lower case after the second bracket or dash.

Rule 2: Titles

In titles, capitalise only the important words, not minor words such as ‘and’ and ‘but’.

‘Title Case’, with all the important words capitalised, is rather out of fashion at the moment.

Example: “When to Use Capital Letters”

In title case, in this example, ‘Use’, although small, is an important word in the title, and should, therefore, be capitalised. ‘To’, however, is not important and therefore not capitalised.

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Rule 3: For Proper Nouns

Proper nouns name something specific, for example, Jane, John, Oxford University, Denver, Qantas, Microsoft, Everest, Sahara.

Proper nouns (nearly) always start with a capital letter. There are exceptions to this rule and in marketing sometimes lower-case characters are purposefully used for some proper nouns. Examples include iPhone or eBay.

The word ‘I’ is not a proper noun, but a pronoun. In English ‘I’ is always capitalised.

Rule 4: Acronyms

Acronyms generally work like title case.

The easiest way to work this out is to write out the full title, and then you can see which words don’t need to be capitalised.

Let’s make this clear with a few examples:
British Broadcasting Corporation – BBC
Department for Education – DfE
Manchester United Football Club – MUFC
United Arab Emirates – UAE
World of Warcraft – WoW

Rule 5: Contractions

Contractions are like acronyms, but also include one or more letters from within the same word.

So capitalise the initial letters of words, but not subsequent letters within the same word.

Examples of this include HiFi, which is short for ‘High Fidelity’, and SciFi, short for science fiction.

Following these rules will generally help you to work out when to use capital letters. They definitely did for us.

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As promised in last article, we will give you some tested headlines that will generate clicks for you. As business owners and those in marketing, we want to know how we can ensure our ads are those that are getting the most clicks possible.

Let’s Get Started!

In copywriting, the headline is the advertisement for the advertisement and must compel the reader to read your copy. There is a bit of an art to this and perfecting it will supercharge your marketing efforts.
Want To Know Why My Headline Is Better Than Yours?

Content marketing is becoming more important than ever. The absolute best way is to create a popular website and build a list of loyal readers is to deliver high quality, informative, and entertaining content. This may sound easy but after a few months you begin to run out of ideas.

If you have an effective sales funnel, every new customer represents not just a single sale, but a series of sales that increases the average life time value (LTV) of your customer base. But the success of your online business requires driving new customers into your sales funnel.

While there are many techniques for driving traffic into your sales funnel, one of the easiest and most affordable is to create a squeeze page on which offer for free something your niche’s customers will perceive as having high value.

This is known as a “Killer Offer”. Read more

It’s no secret that the use of video in content marketing is on the rise.

And, it’s certainly not a tactic to be taken lightly.

In fact, YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the web and while video marketing is frequently an afterthought, its value demands a front-runner position in your content marketing plan.

When it comes to content marketing, video comes in at just number seven on the list of type of content used, despite its efficacy.

Why Video?

  • Companies that use videos in their marketing have 27% higher clickthrough rate and 34% higher conversion rates then those that don’t. (Buffer)
    Read more

“The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife. You insult her intelligence if you assume that a mere slogan and a few vapid adjectives will persuade her to buy anything.” – David Ogilvy

Copywriting is the act of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action.

Copywriting doesn’t have to be perfect.

Read more

“The truth is traffic in and of itself is pointless unless you’re attracting your ideal visitor.” – Sophie Lizard

At this moment of time, people have endless amount of information, entertainment, and other content than in any other amount of time in history. Whilst that is great for those looking to be up to date, educated or entertained. It can present an issue for online marketers seeking to capture the biggest possible audience.

That’s because there will certainly be more competition for your target audience than in the past. So the content you are using to attract visitors to your pages needs to be interesting, innovative and/or exciting. When people check out your website, you want them to stay on your pages once they land there.

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