I’m a huge fan of Tim Ferriss’s books. I loved The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Chef.

So I was not surprised that his book Tools of Titans was a fantastic read. But was happy to find out there really is something for everyone in this book.

With this book, Ferriss has moved from books you can read fluidly cover-to-cover to more of an encyclopedic style.

Business Citations is a top influential element in your Local Ranking strategy.

Business citations are nothing more than an online business card, containing your business Name, Address and Phone number (NAP), posted on business directories. On business directories your citations, the NAP mentions of your business are presented as listings (directory profiles of your business).

And here we come to the essential part: what makes up for a perfect business citation?

Implementing business systems is one of the best things you can do for your company. Today, we will be talking about the benefits for entrepreneurs and small businesses when they perform a systematic approach to their company.

For example, you need a system on “how to handle inbound phone calls.”

Now you must be thinking what kind of moron needs a complete system for answering the phone. Turns out, you are probably the moron for thinking that a system isn’t needed. Every part of your business should have a system in place.

These systems need to properly designed and applied, so you can benefit.

12 Benefits You Will Get If You Implement Business Systems in Your Company

1. Your Company Will Meet and Surpass All Customers Expectations

If you use the systematic approach, you will have a specific marketing system that will have a subsystem to watch the expectations and satisfaction of your customers.

Feedback to Your Customer

This subsystem will analyze, measure, compare and give you possibilities to make specific conclusions about what your customers want, and what they just don’t want but you are doing.

In such a way, you will have constant information about things that will need to be improved and what is more important you will know how to improve them most properly.

2. Forces You to Think Through the Process and Improve It

For example, a “simple” phone answering system addresses key questions including:

  • What customer information should you collect when they call (e.g., name, email address, etc.)?
  • Where should this information be inputted (e.g CRM database, forms)?

MLSP CRM System Banner

  • What other questions should be asked to the customer?
  • Under what circumstances should the customer be transferred to someone else? To whom should the caller be transferred under various situations?
  • Should the call be answered by a live person or immediately go into a calling queue? If live, what hours should it be staffed?
  • How many times should the phone ring before it goes to voicemail?
  • What should the key voicemail prompts be (e.g., press 1 for sales)?
  • What should the voicemail message(s) say?
  • What message should the listener hear when waiting for either a live person or voicemail?
  • What is your company’s follow-up procedure for voice messages (e.g., who will return call and by what time)?
  • What scripts will you use to make sure that customers get compelling and consistent answers to their questions?

In fact, these are just some of the questions that came up in building this system. As you can see, when you focus on this one activity, you are forced to really think through it and make the best decisions.

3. Improved and Consistent Performance

One of the results of the system development process is creating flowcharts that show each piece of the system. These flowcharts are given to all the relevant employees and posted on their walls.

This allows all the employees to follow the proper procedures, giving your company consistent, high-quality performance on the relevant tasks.

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Imagine what will happen if you don’t have a system that will make the structure of each activity and task for each of your staff members. All your staff members will work differently at each repetition of the job and because of that will also give entirely different results.

Therefore, business systems should ensure quality in the realization of all activities each time with same or better quality than previous.

4. You Will Improve Employee’s Performance

Productivity is the work done for a specified period. If you complete the same job faster, the productivity will be higher.

If any business activity is finished faster than last time your employees will become more and more productive. The productivity will also increase your employee’s performances.

The goal of the system is to enable proper education and opportunities to all staff members to make them able to complete their work more efficiently and effectively.

5. Your Company Will Reduce Costs

If you don’t have repeat activities several times to finish them in the most quality way, you will dramatically cut costs due to fewer mistakes in your company.

Cost Reduction Strategies

All your tasks must be done with the higher possible quality for the first time.

6. Will Increase Profitability in Your Business

Because of all previous benefits we have mentioned here, you will increase the profitability of your company. By improving business productivity and performance you will reduce your costs. 30 Ways to Increase Profit Margins

But, it is not all.

You will satisfy the expectations of your customers, delivering the same or better results every time. You will have a better internal organization and constant problem-solving process. So, you will simply increase the profitability of your company.

7. Helps You to Easily Come-up With and Implement New Ideas

Once you have the system flowchart, it’s very easy to come up with new ideas. Ideas like “What if we bypass this activity and go straight to this?” become common.

And implementing these ideas is simple since you can easily pinpoint which elements in the flowchart are affected.

8. Will Become an Organized Business

The only thing that can provide the quality of the organization in the company is business systems. Without adequate systems, it will be much harder for anyone to organize themselves. Because of that, they will have many difficulties to do their tasks in the way they need to do them.

9. Increases the Equity Value of Your Business

value-vs-priceOnce your company has lots of systems in place, it instantly becomes much more valuable to an acquirer. That’s because the acquirer knows your business will run smoothly after acquisition.

They also know that new hires can quickly be added into the system so they can expand your business. Further, the systems you developed could help the acquirer expand their own business.

10. Quick Integration of New Hires into Your Business.

Does your business plan call for hiring new people? Systems and flowcharts make it very easy for new hires to see their place and roles within the organization and hit the ground running.

11. Your Company Will Solve All Problems on a Consistent Basis

You are designing business systems in such a way so they bring feedback on a continuous basis.

The feedback will send you signals about all possible problems that have occurred. Because of that, you can quickly solve them. Problem-solving process means change for your company, and change is an improvement.

With business systems in place, you will have possibilities to continuous improvement your systems. In such a way, you will also improve your overall company.

12. Allows You the Entrepreneur/ Manager/ Owner to:
1) Take More Time Off, and/or
2) Spend More Time on Higher Value-Add Activities.

Creating systems is classic “working on” versus “working in” your business. Once the systems are created and in place, the activities are performed nearly on auto-pilot. You don’t have to waste time and energy in performing and/or actively managing them.

So, you need to start thinking about every key aspect of your business as a system. For example, do you have a system for:

  • Your Internet Marketing
  • Production and Sales
  • Landing pages that are designed to maximize conversions
  • Handle new leads and build rapport
  • Follow-up – e.g. Phone Calls or Email Campaigns in place based on actions that customers take online
  • Human Relations – e.g. hiring

While building systems takes time and often does not put immediately cash in your pocket. The 12 key benefits above will pay for themselves over and over again and are definitely worth doing.

So, you need only to spend several hours in the next few weeks to set up a systematic approach. Then, just follow the rules, or better-said working procedures as a result of your newly created business systems and improve as you find possibilities for improvements.

So start systematizing your business today!

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Systems and processes are the essential building blocks of our companies. So get some if you haven’t already!

Talk Soon,
Nicky and Dave

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Are you getting your videos and audio transcribed so you can even re-purpose transcripts into other types of material, such as new articles, slide presentations, or social media posts?

If Yes, it must be costing you alot of time and money. We have found a quick (minutes not hours) and cost-effective way do this.

We all know that we should back up our video files on a regular basis and how disruptive and even devastating it can be to lose our entire library of video content.

YouTube is the #1 medium to distribute your videos.

However, there are certain limitations when you upload video to YouTube. Those are:

  • YouTube converts uploaded videos to its own format with some loss of clarity. Which is no match to your original video.
  • Download options for YouTube video is very limited.
  • Finally the Big One!!!!
    If YouTube chooses to delete your video or suspend your account, all your videos are completely gone. Of course this also can happen if some hacker gains access to your account.

So backing up is vital.

However, only a few people actually store their original videos on local hard drives or even on the poor DVD. It’s not that you don’t want to back up your YouTube channel videos, it’s just difficult to maintain local copies.

Lets first see how you can backup your existing videos.

Luckily, any video files uploaded in the past to YouTube can easily be salvaged by the channel owner as the site keeps a copy of all your uploaded video content.

There are TWO WAYS to do this…

1. *Best Option* –
Download Your Entire Archive Collection Of Videos at Once

If you have a substantial number of videos, or want to download more than two per hour then the best option is to download your whole collection in one go

1) Make sure you are signed into the YouTube account that you need your video content from.

2) Then click on the the following link:

2) Select YouTube from the list of the Google products.

3) Configure the Settings for the Archive of your YouTube Videos

4) Click the button ‘Create Archive

Google Drive file storage5) Once created, you can download the full collection to your computer so that you have a second copy (first one will be on your Google Drive).

Which is beneficial as Google Drive not only makes it easy to backup your YouTube videos, but also makes video management simple. You can download backup videos any time, email directly as attachments, sync them locally and even preview them in Google Drive.

6) So Backup. Back up. Back up.

2. Downloading The Individual MP4 File Via Video Manager

If you just need to download a few video files then this is a quick and easy way of doing it.

However keep in mind that you can only download a maximum of two videos per hour and the video file will be compressed, not the original version.

1) Make sure you are signed into the YouTube account

2) Go to Creator Studio
YouTube MP4 Individual Download- Step 1
3) Then Go to your Video ManagerYouTube MP4 Individual Download- Step 2

4) Click on the down arrow next to the video that you need to download.YouTube MP4 Individual Download- Step 1

5) Choose the ‘Download MP4‘ from the drop down menu
YouTube MP4 Individual Download- Step 36) Save to the folder of your choice on your desktop or laptop

YouTube MP4 Individual Download- Step 5

7) Backup. Back up. Back up.

backup backup backup
What advice or tips do you have for backing up your video files?
Please let me know in the comments below!

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Keeping up with the financial side of owning a small business can feel like a never-ending job.

From invoices to expenses to day-to-day accounting and dealing with the Tax Department, it’s a wonder that entrepreneurs ever find the time to deal with actually providing goods or services.

Fortunately, technology has offer a variety of tools to save small business owners time and headaches on daily financial tasks.

Here’s 9 Financial Tools…

1. Budgeting Tool

Creating a realistic budget — and sticking to it — is crucial to your small business’s financial success.

Depending on your accounting software, you may be able to create budgets for your business right there without needing a separate tool. If you do need a separate, stand-alone budgeting tool, you should definitely check out PlanGuru.

planguru budging tool

2. Accounting Software

QuickBooks has long been the gold standard for small business accounting, but online accounting solutions such as Xero are gaining traction in the last few years.

Quick Books & Zero Accounting Software

Whatever program you choose for your accounting, make it work for you by choosing a tool that’s both as robust and as flexible as possible.

The software you choose must these basic accounting tasks;

  • Invoicing
  • Expense tracking
  • Client/vendor contact management
  • Automation of billing and recurring payments
  • Quote and estimate creation
  • Tax preparation
  • Multiple-user access
  • Payroll processing
  • Mobile access
  • Integration with programs such as point-of-sale software, credit card processing, and Google Apps.

For us, we use…MYOB Accounting SoftwareThere’s a reason more than one million Australian businesses trust MYOB. From start-up to grown-up, it’s an business software that actually lets you run a business and will grow with you.

3. Payroll Management System

Payroll management is time-consuming and prone to mistakes. So having a payroll/HR systems like ZenPayroll and Zenefits can help you streamline the payroll process and eliminate costly inefficiencies.Zenefits Payroll Management System

These are just two of many payroll management tools. Frequently these systems easily integrate with other accounting or storefront tools you’re already using.

How much easier can payroll get?

4. Agile Billing

The smoother and more nimble your billing process, the quicker payments will be made and processed — and the faster the cash will flow into your business.

With a quick, cloud-based billing system (try FreshBooks) you can shorten the billing process and even increase customer satisfaction.Fresh Books Painless BilingBy implementing agile billing tools and processes, you’ll both improve customer experiences and shorten accounts receivables delays.

5. Cash Flow Analysis

Whether you use your accounting software’s cash flow statement capability, a cash flow-specific tracking tool such as Float, or a simple Excel spreadsheet.

Float App
Accurately measuring your cash flow on a regular basis is crucial to keeping your business prepared for any financial eventuality.
Cash flow analysis helps you to weather ups and downs in your cash balance by using past patterns in data to forecast your financial future.

6. Inventory Management

Efficiently track your inventory all the way from your purchase of resale items to a customer’s order fulfillment with cloud-based solutions like SOS Inventory.

SOS Inventory LogoIn addition to tracking your goods, these tools can generate sales reports, set up automatic low inventory alerts, and manage order packing and shipping.

7. Business Credit Card

We recommend opening a business credit card in order to:

  • Improve your business credit history
  • Track business expenses
  • Gain access to higher credit limits for business borrowing
  • And receive business-specific rewards and discounts.

Chose a business credit card account with the capacity to easily manage employee cards (with relatively small credit limits). Not only does this system make it more convenient for your business to cover employees’ expenses such as travel, but it also can boost morale.

8. Expense Tracking

expense report tool

Little business expenses such as gas, meals, and cabs add up quickly and are hard to track.

With an expense report tool such as Expensify or Xpenditure.

Where employees can scan receipts or add cash expenses from their mobile devices and upload them; then you can easily import the information for approval, rebilling, expense accounting, and reimbursement.

9. E-commerce and Digital Payment Solutions

Taking Payments for all businesses especially E-commerce is essential.

square credit card transactionMore and more customers expect to be able to pay for products and services instantly (whether using credit cards or from their mobile device). Square, and PayPal are just a few tools to help customers pay on the fly.

Mobile with Card Readers and POS, Point of Sale we have find the SquareUp.com offer a Quick Setup. No Monthly Costs, Get Paid fast with most credit cards.

Set Up a FREE SQUARE Account – Click Here – 

Customers also want to be able to find your business and make purchases online. Tools such as Stitch and Vend make it easy to make sales, whether in-store or from an online storefront, while also tracking inventory, streamlining order fulfillment, and tracking sales data.

Now, you have an assortment of Financial Tools to choose from. It’s time to scale up your existing business and get more leads. Don’t you want more potential customers to turn into lifetime customers?

We know you do.

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If you haven’t already, it’s time to streamline your financial management process – so you can get back to your real job.

Talk Soon,
Nicky and Dave

Google is now penalising websites that Do NOT have an SSL Certificate.

Does Your Website have an SSL Certificate?
Is Your Website Secure?

Not Sure?

Chrome browsers show a website UNSECURE WEBSITE if it doesn’t have a SSL Certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details.

Typically, SSL is used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer and logins, and more recently is becoming the norm when securing browsing of social media sites.

An SSL Certificate gives your website a Green Padlock and https before the Website Address.

Just like this…

What a SSL Certificate Looks Like

Rather that the standard http://YourWebsiteAddress.com

A Secure website one with a SSL Certificate encrypts the information that goes to and from it to the Server.

This is a website without an SSL


This our website with a Verified SSL Certificate


The SSL only encrypts the information between the Server and the Website.

It Does NOT make your password anymore secure. Nor does the SSL Certiicate stop website hacking through out dated software like plug ins and themes.

An SSL does NOT stop your computer from being violated after getting a Virus. That can potentially get into every password protected site you log into. Some viruses can mirror the key strokes you do on different websites.

SO you still need to keep your Anti Virus Software up to date. As well as your website themes and plug ins. Plus you should avoid clicking on links that you are not sure about.

However Google, Chrome and many Firewall Software programs will block your website to some degree if you don’t install an SSL Certificate.

There are THREE types of SSL Certificate Available Today!

Each has a different amounts they warrant against data theft between website and server;

  • Extended Validation (EV SSL),
  • Organization Validated (OV SSL) and
  • Domain Validated (DV SSL).

Read more about the different types here

Contact Us Today at our Website & Graphic Design Company FindNetSolutionsour Website & Graphic Design Company Find Net SolutionsSo we’ll get you sorted.

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Nicky and Dave

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If your desktop screen looks like the bottom of your trashcan, maybe it’s time to take your files to the cloud.

We have made a list of the best free online file storage sites. They are more than just external hardrives, many of these sites are collaboration platforms that you can use to share documents with colleagues or friends.

Our Top 8 FREE Online File Storage Sites

box file storage1. Box
Gives you 5 GB of storage for free and lets you organize your files into folders in the cloud, just like you would on your desktop.

You can share links or entire file folders with others and see when they’ve been viewed.

2. Dropbox
Dropbox file storage iconIs a secure place to keep photos, documents, and videos that you can access from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. This is one we use!

You can share the files with your social networks as well. It comes with 2 GB of free storage (or up to 18 GB if you refer a friend).

3. Evernote
evernote file storageSaves all of your notes, web clips, files, scanned documents, and images. You can search for the documents by keyword, access them from any device, and share them with friends.

The storage process here is a little different: free users can store up to 100,000 notes (up to 25 mb each), 250 synchronized notebooks, 10,000 tags, and 100 saved searches.

4. Google Drive
Google Drive file storageSyncs documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and videos from your computer and mobile devices.

It connects to Google+ and Gmail for collaboration and sharing. It has a free storage limit of up to 5 GB that’s shared between Google Drive and Google+ Photos.

iCloud5. iCloud
Is file storage just for iOS devices, but it syncs all your music, photos, apps, calendars, documents, and other files and makes them sharable with friends. It comes with 5 GB of free cloud storage.

Bonus: the photos in your Photo Stream and whatever music, movies, TV shows, apps, and books you buy from iTunes don’t count against your storage limit.

6. Mega
Internet outlaw Kim Dotcom released this service after the U.S. government shut down its predecessor, MegaUpload, for facilitating copyright infringement.

The new tool promises “state of the art, browser-based encryption technology” and a whopping 50 GB of free cloud storage.

OneDrive file storage icon7. OneDrive
Once SkyDrive. Windows 8 users can log in with their Microsoft accounts.

They offer 5 GB of free cloud storage for photos, documents, and other files and works on any device.

BONUSEchoSign esign document filing system

Tired of filing cabinets full of loose documents that just keep mounting? EchoSign is the eco-friendly solution. Simply upload your documents onto the EchoSign server and send to the other party. With its E-sign capability, EchoSign makes signing contracts a hassle-free event, with no printer or scanner necessary.

Instead of throwing away hundreds of dollars on paper, printer ink, and a scanner, EchoSign saves you time, money, and work, all while creating an effort to improve our ecosystem.

Why Store Your Data Online?

Since the invention of the internet, the technology industry has been steadily moving away from local storage to remote, server-based storage and processing—what is known as the cloud.

These services provide seamless access to all your important data—Word docs, PDFs, spreadsheets, photos, any other digital assets from wherever you are.

You no longer need to be sitting at your work PC to see your work files. With cloud syncing you can get to them from your smartphone on the train, from your tablet on your couch, and from the laptop in your hotel room or kitchen. Using a service like those included here means no more having to email files to yourself or plug and unplug USB thumb drives.

If you still need extra storage space, these companies will be more than happy to sell it to you. But unless you’re the Library of Congress, this should be enough to get you started.

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“You see things and say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that
never were and say, ‘Why not?'”

~ George Bernard Shaw

For most of us, time — or lack thereof — seems to be an issue. It doesn’t matter if your an entrepreneur, business owner, or a parent. We are always on the lookout for great ways to squeeze more time out of the day.

Like most of us, we love being effective with our work, and family/ me time. We like spending as much time as possible with our family. When it comes to “me” time, well…
Nicky love’s watching TV shows, and we figured out a way to do this faster, too…

Which is Speed Watching.

This is the act of watching videos at faster playback speeds than normal. On YouTube, Openload and with programs like VLC, you can do this by selecting your own speed of playback.
Settings to Speed up Youtube VideosWhile 1x speed would play a video at normal speed, 2x speed would play a video twice as quickly and thus save you half the time.

But What About Comprehension?

Can you watch video that’s moving that quickly and still understand what’s going on? The answer is yes, and unlike speed reading, you don’t really need any practice to get started.

Tip: Now you can’t just go from 1x speed to 2x speed. Watch the videos below and you will understand why. You have to take a natural progression. Nicky started at 1.2x speed and built the speed up. While Dave likes 1.2x speed just fine.

If you started watching all your videos at 1.2x speed today, you’d immediately save more time and not lose any comprehension at all.

As you continue to speed watch, higher speeds get easier and easier to comprehend. I’ve (Nicky) has been speed watching for the last 3 years, and feel fairly comfortable watching at 2x the normal viewing speed, with some types of videos.

Speed of Youtube VideosAt the very least 1.2x speed does save you 20% time per each video.

So to take back the lost time that you didn’t realize you had in the first place, try speed watching. It might just help you binge-watch your favorite TV shows, TED Talks, or the next education video that you want (or even required) to watch.

No, we am not suggesting you watch everything fast. But perhaps you will adapt the 1.2x speed to most of you videos, so you will understand them 20% faster. While you cannot make more time, we think this is a good time hacking method – to free up some of your previously used time.

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