Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs Online Presence

How to Boost Your Business’ Online Presence Now

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By having a strong online presence, you can increase your chances of being found online as per research, about 80% of consumers look for businesses online before making any purchase or sales. If you are considering establishing or boosting your online presence, here are some strategies to help you make it better.
Content Upgrade Up Ideas

How to Level Up Your Content Marketing Strategy

When it comes to a business’s activities online, content marketing is absolutely critical to a digital strategy's success. In a marketing context, content creation is an aspect of marketing focused on the conceptualization, publication and distribution of content for a targeted online audience.
To Blog or Not to Blog... That is the Question Header

To Blog or Not to Blog… That is the Question!

Everyone wants to blog—and I get it. I want to blog—and I do blog, pretty actively.Like anything, blogging comes with some serious pros and some serious cons. I you don't understand both sides of the coin, you could bite off more than you can chew—and that could take traffic conversions and commissions right out of your pocket.
Copy-Writing KISS for Better Google Ranking

Copy-Writing KISS for Better Google Ranking

Google loves recent and relevant website content (Copy-Writing). Let's face it Google is a business and needs to deliver the best most relevant results for Users.It is more effective to write new Blog Posts than just updating a normal website page. The SEO reach is much better with a Post and can be boosted when used with other Search Functionality that pings search engine bots and spiders.
Get the SEO Results you Deserve

SEO Tips – Google Loves Relevant Content

Google wants to deliver the best relevant content for the user.That's what's made Google the No.1 search engine. Giving the consumer the most relevant results from a search.To rank high on Google you either; Pay Google through a Google Adwords Campaign or You have well structure, easy to read, and recent/ regular content on your website that people want.
Expanding Your Content Presence

7 Step Guide to Writing GREAT Sales Copy!

"The real advertising writer who is after results makes the reader want something – and then provides what the reader will consider a good excuse for buying it." ~ Clyde BedellFor the lead singer of the Beatles, John Lennon, writing…
Typing in All Caps

Rules of USING & Not Using All Caps

"Capital Letters Were Always The Best Way Of Dealing With Things You Didn't Have A Good Answer To" - Douglas Adams When and how to use capital letters can be a problem. When writing casually to friends it's acceptable to drop capital letters.…
Tested Headlines that Get Clicks

Who Else Wants To Be Successful With Tested Headlines That Will Generate Clicks?

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As promised in last article, we will give you some tested headlines that will generate clicks for you. As business owners and those in marketing, we want to know how we can ensure our ads are those that are getting the most clicks possible.Let's Get Started!