Blindspots Kill Your Businesses Growth – What’s Yours?

blindspots in business

“People who have little SELF-REFLECTION live life in a huge reality BLIND-SPOT” – Bryant McGill

Let us cut to the chase…

Every business owner and entrepreneur has blindspots.

We do, you do, we all do.

It is impossible to have a 100% clear perspective on yourself and your business without people who you trust (and who are qualified!) giving you honest feedback.

Your team/employees, no matter how qualified or open your relationships are, will rarely, ever, give you the candid feedback you need.

We are here to be that sounding board and coach for you. So you can be like our client’s that say, “That I can’t believe it’s that simple” or “why couldn’t I see it before!”

It is not because of some special gift we have, it is because the cost of your blindspots is usually massive and no amount of working harder will ever find them for you.

So today, as you work on optimizing the systems of your business, consider: do you potentiality have some blindspots that are holding you back?

Are your co-workers, vendors, and spouse really the best people to go to for business advice?

What about “the internet,” with all of the helpful, interesting articles?
(Note: heavy sarcasm above)

Do those writers of these articles have your best interest in mind?

The moral of the story, just as in driving your car, driving your business without checking out your blindspots is extremely dangerous and it could be costing you a lot of money.

Ignorance may be bliss, but what is it costing you today?

million-dollar marketing on a budget

We have consistently noticed 4 blind spots that kill business growth.

1. Customer Experience

The easiest way to grow is often the most overlooked element.
The fastest way to grow your business is to:
a) Not lose existing customers
b) Deliver amazing results that drive repeat and referral business

2. Attract With Laser Focus

Ideal Customer ProfileWhen businesses struggle to grow, one of the first things we see them try is to increase activity or volume. Instead, you need to think about what you can do to attract THE RIGHT potential customers to your business.

This often means having a NARROW FOCUS rather than broadly. Meaning ignoring those potential clients who are not a good fit for your business.

3. The Sale Is Not The Finish Line

Let’s say you attract the right customers and make the sale.
Is that the finish line? Did you win the race?
What happens if that customer does not realize results?

If you made the sale, and the customer does not achieve their goals, know that you’ll be the one they blame. They often become toxic clients who suck the life out of your organization.

4. Lack Of Alignment

Even the most skilled companies can overlook the 4th blind spot.

BalanceThis blind spot is when one functional area decides to improve how you do business, and you struggle to get the other areas on board.

This can include balancing your lifestle with your business too.

It’s Your Turn…

Which blind spots have impacted your success?

Want help finding and eradicating your blindspots so your business can grow?

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Talk Soon,
Nicky and Dave Cane
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