Commitment + Taking Action = Success

To Be Successful…

You need to make the commitment and then take action.
The action needs to be planned and focused. You will get more done if you don’t chop and change.

You need to focus on one type of strategy, within your business plan.

Then you need do it well, before moving on.

Go deep not wide… specialize in the one area and focus…

Keep Leverage in the forefront of your mind

Focus and taking action first on what will give you the best-desired result, before doing other less leveraged activities.

PLEASE Don’t try to multi-task, leveraged or money producing activities!

Yes, we joke that women are better at multitasking than blokes.

However, in business the people that achieve more in a shorter time frame (productively and financially) are more planned and focused.

Ladies Stop… We aren’t just talking about updating a spreadsheet, answering the phone or checking emails. Or mopping the floor and feeding the Kid.

We are talking about ‘leveraged and revenue producing activities.

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Focus On One Thing at a Time… Examples!!!

Say you have 3 Income or Potential Income Producing Projects.
Projects A, B and Project C, each will take you a week or an hour to complete.

You can do the 3 Projects – (Project A, Project B, and Project C) 2 ways…

Which is More Effective and Efficient?Clock Showing of Percentage Project Completed

Example One:

Start A, then start B, then start C, then come back to A and then B and the C and then A B and C – You will finally get, Project A finished after 7 weeks or 7 hours


Example Two:

Start and finish A A A, then B B B and then C C C – You will get Project A finished after 3 weeks or 3 hours, and Project A can then be making you money.

Then you start on Project B… 

What’s More Important is the Question You Need to Ask Yourself… NOT What’s More Urgent!

Urgent things may not be Important.
While Important things normally become Urgent.

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Talk Soon,
Nicky and Dave