Fix Your Thinking to Fix Your Life

‘Work on your head everyday and your wallet will fix it’s self’
~ Dave Cane

You can’t be a successful Entrepreneur of any size business if you have a ‘Give-Me’ or ‘Owe-Me’ mindset like that of an Employee.

Likewise, you will need to focus your thinking and think about what you are thinking about. You become what you think about… so be a positive thinker.

To move to the right side of the Cashflow Quadrant
Ask better questions to and of yourself – As better questions = better answers.

You will need to understand and be comfortable with Delayed Gratification. The work you do today may not pay a return for weeks or months and the full reward (big payout) may be years down the track.

In fact, if you intend being successful…
You will never stop learning, and you will understand that success is the journey, not the destination.

‘Entrepreneurs accept that failing is only a lesson and not a reason to quit’
~ ‘flearning’ quote by Dave Cane

You need mentors and coaches

If you are serious about being successful in any area of life or business.

Does a professional golf player, football player, etc – have a coach?
In business, you need a business coach.

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It’s time to fix your thinking so you can fix your life!

Talk Soon,
Nicky and Dave