You’ll Never Be ‘Ready,’ So Just Start!

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“Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great.
Weak people wait for opportunities; strong people make them.”
– Orison Swett Marden

You want to own your own online business however you haven’t made it happen. Yet. There’s invariably something else to be told, another book for you to read, and of course another course to take or seminar to attend, right?

No that’s wrong. You just have to start. You’ve already got what it takes. We know you are properly asking “Do I?” Yes. The terribly easy (and sometimes difficult) truth to swallow is that you just need to do it. Hugh Laurie said; “It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready.”

We agree!

That is because throughout our childhood and early adult years, we’ve conditioned to think we need to be “ready” to take the next big step in life. Our teachers won’t let us get too far ahead of where they think we should be in terms of knowledge. Our parents try to protect us from ideas and truths they think we’re not ready to learn about.

We’re constantly told we’ll understand certain things, or be able to do certain things, when we’re older—as if the passage of time alone is enough to teach us everything we need to know about life.

This way of thinking has a hugely negative impact on the way we live our lives.

For one thing, some of us feel we are ready to move forward in life, but are constantly being held back by outside influences. Additionally, there are those of us who never take the first step toward our goals because, despite being told by society we are ready to do so, we don’t believe we truly are.

We, ourselves, hold back when faced with major decisions that we don’t believe we’re ready to make.

ASK YOURSELF: How Badly Do You Want It?

A lot of people go to school to learn about business, web design, coding, etc. But no school can teach you the key ingredient you need for success. Fortunately, you don’t need to go to school for it. You already know. It’s something you’ve used plenty of times.

We bet there have been things that you have wanted when you were younger, weren’t there? You wanted them and you got them, whether it was an advance on your allowance from your mom, a car, a certain job …

We think what keeps Entrepreneurs young and alive is that hot, persistent desire for a particular thing.

Whether it’s the desire for cleaner energy and an unburdened earth that keeps Elon Musk pursuing solar power, electric cars, and space travel. Or the desire to be the center of e-commerce that kept Jeff Bezos pouring everything into

Elon Musk - Entrepreneur and Tesla CEO
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Start Before You’re Ready…

As André Gile said: “A man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” 

Opportunities require courage, and this depends on us. We often miss great opportunities because we believe that we are not prepared for them, that it is not the right moment.
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We think that we lack knowledge or experience to face new challenges and we lay back in our perfectly ergonomic chairs without even trying. We are scared, afraid of failing or running without knowing where to go and what to expect on our way.

The truth is that we are never going to feel fully prepared when we get a great chance. And that’s OK.

Great people do things before they are ready. They do things before they know they can do them. That’s how people and organizations grow, by taking risks. Jump on and don’t look back!

You already have what it takes. That person you think you need to be right now, before you can start your business? You will become him or her by starting, doing and making mistakes.

The worst thing would be to look back in 5, 10, 20 years and say, “I should have just went for it” or “I should have started sooner.” Better you should look back and say, “I’m glad I jumped in. I’d never know what I know today if I hadn’t made the goofs I’ve made” or “Man, do I have some hairy stories to tell about running a start-up.”

Are you ready? Say ‘Yes’ and then figure out how to do it.
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Talk Soon,
Nicky and Dave Cane