#1 Reason Why Many Entrepreneurs Fail

Want to know the #1 reason why many entrepreneurs fail? It’s totally different than what you might think

An Entrepreneur’s reason for failing is always explained by things like:

  • “You’re not working hard enough.”
  • “You don’t want it bad enough.”
  • “You’re out of funding – no more money!”
  • “Walmart/Tesco etc has moved into your neighbourhood…”

Well, we think it goes much deeper than any of this

We don’t really fail for ANY of these reasons 

Actually, these reasons come SECONDARY – but almost all of those who fail usually already had the cards stacked against them from day #1

So, Why Do We Fail?

We fail because of how we’re CODED

You see, the funny thing is that we were all actually BORN Entrepreneurs, but then, as we grow up “in the system” – the Entrepreneur within us gets BEATEN out of us


Well, since we’re kids – we start working hard on a DAILY basis for the sole purpose of pleasing OTHERS (our parents, our teachers, our coaches, our siblings – you name it)

See, the thing is…

When you were a kid, you had a great sense of imagination. You had BIG dreams. You didn’t really care as a kid what others around you said, did or didn’t do. You were in your own World, living for you.

However, as we get older, we start understanding two things:

  • The power of the word NO
  • The power of PRAISE

Suddenly, we start to change how we act, what we do and what we want – all because we want to achieve praise.

We want good grades for the sake of getting good grades. We want to score a goal in soccer, ALL for the cheers that “others” give us

Basically, we stop even asking ourselves what “we” want

Well, That Is Where The “EMPLOYEE” Coding Begins & The “ENTREPRENEUR” Coding Ends

This is why most Entrepreneurs fail.

We use the training, education and CODING that we received in our lives (which was actually created for employees) – to try to become an Entrepreneur.

So, the bottom line is that before any of us start any business, we really need to take some time to invest into OURSELVES.

We actually need to DECODE and then RECODE

Do you often feel that changing a habit is hard, and changing a bad habit is harder?

What if there is a way to not only change your habit but keep it lasting, without facing too much frustration and effort? Decode and Recode Your Habits by Nathan Brennett answers can help you with that.

Unlike other books on habits which propose ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to changing your habits. Decode & Recode Your Habits presents a practical framework which is based on actual studies and data that first help you to identify your personality type, before showing you the appropriate habit conditioning techniques that suits your personality best.

This is important because clearly, different strategies work best for different people and self-knowledge is key to sustaining habits. You will soon discover as you read this guide that you no longer have to feel like you are moving against the current.

Instead, you may begin to experience the ease of changing those habits and seeing them stick.

You know know the #1 reason why many entrepreneurs fail! So now you can do something about decoding then recoding yourself for success.

Talk Soon,
Nicky Cane

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