Email Marketing

Learn to better connect with your audience, so you can promote your brand and increase sales. You can do a lot of things with emails, like sell products, share some news, or tell a story.

24:7 Security & Monitoring with Span Assassin

24/7 Security & Monitoring with Spam Assassin

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Most of our sister company 'Find Net Solutions' clients have 24/7 Security & Monitoring by using Spam Assassin software. Which gives great peace of mind to the clients & for their website & hosting administrators.
How to Check If Your Email is SPAMMED

Know How to Check If Your Email Been Blacklisted? (& What to Do If True)

I have been getting the question: “How do I check if my email address is on a SPAM Blacklist and how can I get unlisted?”If you send emails to your client list you should be terrified to end up on one of the blacklists. When you’re on the email blacklist, you’ve got nothing. No deliverability, no credit, no opens. You’re stuck in whatever spam folder “they” decide to dump you in.
Email Hygiene - Clean Your Email List Regularly

Manage Your Email Subscriber ‘LIST’ like a Marketing Pro

The money is in your LIST... But the fortune is in how you manage, write to, and communicate with your List!Subscriber list management is the most important part of your email marketing activities. How you build it, manage it and how quickly it grows are keys to the success of any campaign.
Evaluate Email List for Cause of Death

Evaluate Email List for Cause of Death

At the end of last year I talked about: 'Why it’s important to clean your email list regularly.'Once you have cleaned your email list you properly found that you had at least a few dead leads.Now, your subscribers were probably not…
Email Hygiene - Clean Your Email List Regularly

8 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Email List Regularly

Now we have been asked:"Why it’s important to clean your email list regularly."Being proactive in your email list cleaning is an essential part of any successful email marketing strategy because without it by the time you discover that…
Reasons to Use Email Marketing

25 Benefits of USING Email Marketing in Small Businesses

Deciding where to invest your marketing dollars isn’t a decision you take lightly.You know you need to attract new customers and keep your existing clients coming back, but you can’t afford to invest time or resources into something…

Need an FREE Offer for Your Email Marketing? We’ve Got 7

Previously, we wrote about the importance of using Call To Actions effectively in your Email Marketing.Once you have your CTA button, you must now create or pair it up with an Offer. First, you must offer valuable content that positions…
Tested Headlines that Get Clicks

Who Else Wants To Be Successful With Tested Headlines That Will Generate Clicks?

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As promised in last article, we will give you some tested headlines that will generate clicks for you. As business owners and those in marketing, we want to know how we can ensure our ads are those that are getting the most clicks possible.Let's Get Started!