11 Excellent Words to Enhance Trust in Your Content


Every blog article is an attempt to secure and enhance your reader’s trust.

It’s important to remember that trust is a whole package deal. You can’t simply throw in a few trust words and expect all your readers to automatically trust you. You have to use other trust factors such as detailed copy, authoritative tone, consistent output, high quality, social signals, and a good reputation.

Along with these things, you can add in phrases and words that will drive that trust even further.

The Magic Words to Enhance Trust is…

1. Trust.

trustNot surprisingly, the word “trust” enhances trust. If you want someone to trust you, simply tell them that they can.

There are many ways to impact trust, but the most direct way to do so is just by saying “trust.”

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2. Fair Price

When discussing pricing, tell your readers that they’re getting a “fair price.”

Every consumer has their guard up when they are making a purchase. Are they getting a fair deal? Are they losing money? Is it worth it?

Inform your readers that the price you are producing is a “fair price,” and the trust factor of your site will increase.

In research, this phrase improved the trust factor by 7%.

3. Caring

People want to know that they are being treated right. They want to feel as if they are respected, valued, and appreciated. The word “caring” can communicate this concept.

In studies, the word “caring” improved trust factor by 11%.

4. Fair Treatment

The term “fair treatment” produces an uptick in trust for similar reasons to “caring.” In tests, this word improved the trust factor of a website by 20%.

“Fair treatment” is very user-centered. This idea of focusing on a user is essential in creating a good experience. It’s about speaking directly to the user in the way that you compose.

5. Quality

qualityQuality is one of those words that just makes you feel assured. We all know the feeling that the product or service that we are receiving lacks in quality.

When you assert that your product or service has quality, you can gain your user’s trust.

In studies, this word improved the trust factor by 30%.

6. Competency

Even though it’s a longer word, “competency” is a great one to use in your copy. In fact, as studies indicate, it has the highest trust factor of any of the words, it improved the trust by 33%!

7. Apologize/or Sorry

Taking the time and effort to apologize when you do something wrong. For example, when you have misspelled a name or had a broken link.

When this happens, I try to fix it as fast as possible, apologize in the comment section and move on. Saying “Sorry” shows readers that you care, and that you’re humble and that you own up to your mistakes.

8. Change

Telling your readers you’re changing, this can grow trust, too. As change is hard and uncomfortable. It can enhance the view that you are trying to be better and improve.

enhance changeExample: “Unfortunately, we had to let our marketing manager go. We are now changing our entire company structure to provide more care to the customer.”

9. Never

The word “never” is a negative statement. However, when it’s used for a positive purpose, it can have a profound effect on your blog’s trustability.

Here are some examples of how you can use the word “never:”

  • Never misrepresent
  • I Never overcharge
  • I try to Never neglect

10. Always

The word “always” is a lot like “never.” It suggests a sense of stability, assurance, and protection.

Therefore the word ‘always’ should be used a couple of times to enhance trust.

enhance privacy11. Privacy

People value their privacy. They fear their security being breached, becoming a victim of identity theft, and having data loss.

Tell people that you’ll respect, protect, and honor their privacy,
which means they are more likely to trust you.

How do you use trust words?

  • Add them to the end of your copy- Researchers found that placing…[a] statement at the end of an ad for an auto service firm caused their trust scores to jump as much as 33%!” The mere presence of these words helps to enhance the trustability of a blog article.
  • Sprinkle them throughout your copy- You can sprinkle them throughout your copy to create an overall sense of assurance

So make these words a part of your regular vocabulary when you write. The simple words and phrases will go a long way in enhancing trust in your blog’ entries.

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