6 Steps to Creating a KILLER OFFER that Converts


If you have an effective sales funnel, every new customer represents not just a single sale, but a series of sales that increases the average life time value (LTV) of your customer base. But the success of your online business requires driving new customers into your sales funnel.

While there are many techniques for driving traffic into your sales funnel, one of the easiest and most affordable is to create a squeeze page on which offer for free something your niche’s customers will perceive as having high value.

This is known as a “Killer Offer”.

Our Step-By-Step Guide To Develop Your

Developing your Killer Offer can be broken down into a 6-step process:

1. Know the Target Market

Your target market is the first thing you need to consider.  A killer offer is designed to appeal directly to a specific group of people.  You’ll need to offer something useful—something they’ll want to use or learn from.

The key to a successful offer is simply creating something your target market is hungry for.Black Friday

You can discover what this is by doing a bit of research.  Try to find a relevant message board and look at the questions being asked.  Investigate offers from other people, keeping an eye on what they’re offering and the way their offer is presented.

This research phase will often give you all the answers you need.

2. Selling Points

The main selling points of your offer will be the benefits.  You’ll need to determine what someone will get out of it.  Maybe it’s a program that makes their life easier.

It could be an educational course that answers a number of questions they have.  Perhaps it’s simply a new technique or product which will improve what your potential customers are already doing.

Before you can create a killer offer, you need to understand what you’ll be offering.

3. Features

Once you’ve figured out the benefits, you need to come up with the features.  These are the nuts and bolts of what they will get when they purchase.

No matter what you do, there is probably some competition.  An impressive set of features (which show HOW a buyer will realize the benefits) will make your offer appear much more valuable.  Add features wherever you can to support the benefits.

4. Build Value before Price

Far too many people chose a price and try to create an offer around that. The price of a product or service is relative to what it’s worth to the buyer. 


If something is of an extremely high quality, offers a long list of benefits, and has more features than other options, then even a high price will seem low.

The more value you can build the better. Keep adding to the offer.  Show them what they can earn, save, or the dollar values of the offer’s components. As the value goes up, the relative size of the price will go down.

5. Guarantees

TrustPeople are often reluctant to spend money.  They want to be sure they’re getting a good deal, and avoid the risk of loss.  This is why you need to add a guarantee.

This could be as simple as a guarantee to refund anyone who isn’t satisfied or as complicated as a warranty with maintenance.

Or, offer a free trial and let them use your product or service for a short period of time.  This guarantee is often what pushes people over the line and into the realm of paying customers.

6. Call to Action (CTA)

perfect-call-to-actionThe Call To Action is the last and possibly most important thing to include in an offer.  At the end of the sales copy, you need to clearly and boldly tell your potential customers what to do. 

If you want them to buy something, contact you, or submit their email, you need to tell them exactly how to do it, and do it NOW.  The call to action is the culmination of everything your sales copy has been building.

With practice, you can learn how to create your own killer offers.  It does, however, take a lot of time and effort to write, test, and revise until it sells well.

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