Our 8 Tips for Creating Facebook Video Ads


As promised in our last article: Why Video is Vital in Content Marketing. This Article we will be giving away our 8 Tips for Creating Facebook Video Ads. As a BONUS, we have included some Basic Video Script Outlines.

Here is a Training Course you may find helpful!

Now, let’s get started.

Before you read Our 8 Tips – It’s vital to keep this in mind…

Content Over Perfection

When creating Video Content, hell any type of Content – it’s important to always embrace the progress over achieving perfection!

Under Construction - Process Over Perfection
Perfection is an abstract concept that can never exist outside your mind. Don’t waste time chasing the horizon.

When you are so afraid to make a mistake that you can wind up doing NOTHING. Or when you do bring yourselves to publish something, the content comes out with no clear focus in mind – thus no impact.

Stop Chasing Perfection. Just Get it Done!

Check Out: Our 8 Tips for Creating Video Ads…

1. Have the Right Equipment – The 5 Equipment Essentials are:

  • A Smartphone is perfect when you’re a Beginner because it is easy to use as you don’t need to learn video theory unlike a camera and way more affordable.
    However, a Camera can be used if you have already mastered the art of storytelling, can invest lots of time and/ or have the budget to pay a professional to film for you.
  • A Tripod for a Steady Shot.
  • Wireless Microphone to get great Sound Quality
  • Good Lighting as it allows your camera to work less to create clear content.
  • Video Editing Program – iMovie (MAC) and VSDC Free Video Editor (Windows) are just to examples for great programs that you can get for FREE.

2. Budget

3. Timeframe to complete video and then how long you will run the ad campaign.

4. Framing Composition – it’s time for you to understand the role of the Rule of Thirds. The video below explains the importance when creating a video.

5. Make sure to Capture Attention Quickly

6. Design for Sound Off

7. Create with Mobile View in Mind

8. Finally, Upload Directly to Facebook

facebook video uploaded via linking

Here is a Training Course you may find helpful – You Can Explode Your Sales With Online Video

Video Scripts

Sample Video Script Outlines Below. Enjoy!

1. Get their attention by asking a question

Are you looking at growing your business in 2018, but have no idea how you are going to do it?

2. Tell them what you are going to teach them

We have spent 2017 perfecting the Art of Facebook Lead Generation for our company. And in the next few minutes we are going to show you the three most important lessons we’ve learned….

3. Introduce yourself and establish credibility

My name is [Full Name] and I am the founder/ owner of [Business Name/ Website]. I have been a Website Designer and Business Consultant for 15 years. I help people to make more money part time then most people make working full time.

4. Teach the points

While working this year with our Business Mentors, we have found 3 principles that made 80% of the success of the campaigns. They are… (tell the 3 points)

5. Tell them the next step you want them to take

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Talk Soon,

Nicky and Dave

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