How to Be #1 on Google with Rapid Reviews Platform

  • Be on Googles 1st Page with Great Customer Reviews

In my last article I talked about how to out rank your competition on Google. Now, I will be going into depth into how your business on be #1 on Google with Rapid Reviews Platform.

Google reviews can turn your customers into raving fans without spending a dime. The numerous advantages of getting Google reviews include Google ranking for local SEO, levels the playing field, expands your online notoriety, and helps those mom and pop operations.

Google reviews enable any great business to prove themselves to their potential clients.

Everyone wants more 5-star reviews and block negative reviews. Also improve customer trust and confidence… as it is proven to increase PROFITS.

You can do this with Find Net Solutions Rapid Review Platform.

In this video, Allen who as worked for Google for many years explains the easiest and most affordable way to be #1 on Google with Rapid Reviews.


How it works?

Your customers are added to the automated Review Platform in one of 4 ways.


Registration Form

Either your customers or you can register them in a simple form (iPad/Computer). They then receive an email and/or SMS text message to leave a Review for your business.


QR Code

Customers can generate their Review link by scanning a QR Code. Great for loyalty cards or counter displays etc.

pc Icon.

Scheduled Campaign

A .csv file of customers can be uploaded and scheduled to automatically send out SMS and/or emails with Review link. This can go to 10 or so customers per day.


Website Purchase

When customers purchase from your online store. They can be automatically added and scheduled to receive SMS and/or emails to leave a Review.

What happens next?


The customer will receive an email and/or SMS text message to leave a review for your business.


Automated scheduled follow up emails and/or SMS text messages will be sent. As a reminder if the customer hasn’t done a review.


Customers who had a good experience are directed to review your business — boosting your online reputation.


Customers who had a negative experience will fill out a feedback form — sent directly to you to handle offline.

Rapid Reviews Features


Bad Review Blocker

Stop negative customer feedback from being published online as a 1-star review. This feature allows you to resolve negative feedback offline directly with your customers.


Review Multiplier

The customer will receive an email and SMS message, making it easier to review your business resulting in a considerable increase in the number of reviews.


Review Reminders

Automated, friendly reminders are sent to customers ensuring a greater conversion rate and a higher chance for a 5-star review.


Website Widget

The streamline Rapid Review widget collects your latest reviews and displays the best reviews directly on your website.


Automated social sharing of your best 5-star reviews to Facebook, Twitter and more.


Reputation Monitoring

Receive alerts when new reviews come in, view and manage all your online reviews in one place.


Analytics & Reporting

Drill down to see what customers say most, so you can improve your business.


Artificial Intelligence

We use the latest AI technology to work out the best time of day for people to give 5-star reviews.


Integrates with all the important Review Platforms

Rapid Review Platform fits perfectly into any business

The facts about Find Net Soluions Rapid Reviews Platform


Is the average increase in revenue from getting regular reviews. Image what your ROI is when it’s automated and saving you time!


Is the average number of reviews Rapid Reviews user get each month

“Our customers Google for our service, like our reviews, make a purchase and then leave us a review.”

“This Review platform has perfected the way in which we gain reviews from customers. It has improved our bottom line drastically.”

“Clients are already sold before they even visit our store, thanks to the reviews gained from the Rapid Reviews platform.”

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Who doesn’t want to improve your customer trust and confidence?
I hope you do! The Find Net Solutions Rapid Reviews platform can automate this for you.

Want Some Guidance?

The Find Net Solutions Rapid Reviews platform is for everyone who wants to better their customer relations and products. It doesn’t matter if you have are relatively new business or an established business with a large loyal following.

We can help you better your reputation by getting more positive Google Reviews and increase your customer base as a result.

Have Questions?

Reach out to us by booking an Online Business Strategy Session so we answer your questions about the Find Net Solutions Rapid Reviews platform.

Turn your customers into raving fans using Reviews!

Talk Soon,
Dave Cane


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