How To Get Really Good at Influencing Others


“The ability to influence people without irritating them is the most profitable skill you can learn.” – Napoleon Hill

When doing a presentation or promoting your products it’s important to really work hard to connect with each of them individually. When face-to-face it’s vital to make eye contact, read each persons body language and try to see the presentation through their eyes. By doing that, you can often able to anticipate their objections and areas where they’re lacking clarity or areas where they need to see the true benefits I’m bringing to the table.

Seeing the world through your audience’s eyes is central to success as a marketer and entrepreneur.
Your goal needs be to understand your target market inside and out.

Influence Ask Yourself these Questions:

  • What Motivates Them?
  • Their Pain Points are What?
  • What their WHY is at the end of the day.

To be successful in this industry, you need to get REALLY good at influencing others.

As marketers, our goal is to influence to make decisions that are in their best interest. Because we’re connecting them to these optimal solutions, those decisions are in our best interest too. Our shared goal ties right back to the products and promote, so that influence is leveraged to get them to buy from you.

When it’s real! It’s genuine, it’s authentic and it’s effective.

To get here – to get REALLY good at influencing others face-to-face or via written communications- it’s important to be empathetic. Again, that comes down to putting yourself in your target market’s shoes and seeing the world through their eyes.

It’s a skill that the most successful entrepreneurs in the world have. Equally importantly, it’s a skill they–and you –can then weave into other aspects of business, including managing your team, influencing stakeholders and more.

inflluenceIf you can’t do that and do that very well?

If you can’t see the world through your customers’ eyes and thier experiences then it’s almost impossible to be persuasive. You fail when you can’t get others to do what you want them to do and, more importantly, to see what they truly want. To effectively influence others, you need to appeal to their ultimate motivator. Again, that is their WHY. WHY are they here, listening to you? What’s the deepest layer of that desire to excel?

For example, if you’re selling a debt management program, you might talk to your audience about how good it’s going to feel to be out of debt once and for all. You might find by sharing a story about being in debt they will feel like you ‘get’ them. This goes a long way to increase your influence.

Ultimately, you want your audience nodding in agreement and really leaning in.

If you get to a point where you can describe their problems or pain points better than they can, they’ll automatically credit you with having THE solution. Which means that they will do just about anything you suggest. I’ve had plenty of moments in my own life where I have a problem and need a solution.

When you find a marketer or business who perfectly describes your problem with perfect precision, then you are in. As I am nodding in agreement, I’m also opening my wallet and ready to take action. THAT should be your goal and it starts by seeing the world through your audience’s eyes.

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