Please Don’t Do the ‘THING’


When Starting or Buying a Business, Work Smarter Not Harder.

Don’t Do the Thing…. Leverage systems and other peoples time and their skills.

Most people go into business and do the ‘Thing’. They buy themselves a job AND never advance from there.

Ask yourself this question… Does Your Business Work for You? OR Do You work for Your Business?


We suggest that if you are about to start or buy a business. First consider what systems are in place, who is doing a similar thing and is very successful?

How can I copy their systems. Like a good well structured franchise which is a turnkey business. However, a lot of those still are not saleable and you never own it. You only own the licence. Below I’ll share a link for a very simple, yet smart online turnkey business, that is a business in a box.

Anyway back to ‘Don’t do the Thing’

Before we woke up, we did what most people do when starting a business. We thought we had a business BUT All we had was a Job and we were the Boss. Our income was linear the only way to make more was to work longer hours.

It came down to…

How many hours can we work in a day?Less Fear More Success
How long can we sprint before our health suffered (etc)?

As an employee if you ‘Do the Thing’, you’re the technician in the business.

Your boss is the Manager and organises all other aspects of the business like product fulfillment, customer service, marketing and sales, etc.

When you start a new business you will probably be doing everything. However, you need to look at ways to leverage systems and other people. Then you should be able to scale up your business and eventually be able to step back and enjoy what you built.

If you just keep doing the ‘Thing’ and every aspect of the business relies on you. Then you will be working forever. Hey but your your own boss!

Dirty WordsIn the video, I gave the example of Promo the Promotional Robot (in previous articles and videos). Who was a lot more effective and efficient than a person would be in the same situation. So instead of doing what the Robot can do – ‘The Thing’ in this case is face to face promotions.

You need to look at either owning the robot or the software or license or the venue or business the Robot is working in. Do the management and marketing and not the thing. Then you can scale the business. Make more with little or not much more effort or time.

If you are starting or buying a business and you’re stuck. And you want a hand or a few ideas on how to leverage systems and people so you eventually can step back.

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