Easier Success That Betters Your Return On Investment (ROI)


This is two of a series of articles to help Entrepreneurs. As so many struggle making money online!

This is a follow up of our Tips For Entrepreneurs Picking Products That Create More Income article where we showed you the basic math and the ROI – Return On Investment of your time when selling High Ticket Products over cheap items.
Here is another pitfall a lot of Entrepreneurs fall into… trying to sell a wide range of products to a wide range of people. If you presently marketing/selling a varied range of products, we are not saying you’re wrong doing that.

We are just offering a point of clarity with online sales and marketing to give a better RIO. Which can lead to easier success by going deep and not wide with product choice.

Clarity on Online Business

To improve your ROI of time and money as an online entrepreneurs it is better to focus on one niche or product line. Here’s why!

Many online entrepreneurs sell a wide spectrum of products. The products maybe affiliate products or products that are drop shipped by the supplier.

When you have a wide spectrum of products you normally have;

  • Multiple websites to look after for each type of product, each website takes time to maintain and host.
  • Your advertising dollar is spread thinner across the products.
  • You dilute the time and money you have to promote and advertise the products or websites.
By having a defined product range you can concentrate your marketing dollars to a specific audience. It is easier to do split test advertising as you can be more focused.

online business growth

This way it is easier to scale up your marketing and grow your bottom line, with not much more time or effort.

Free promoting of your products is much more time effective when you can focus on specific interest groups of prospective customers online and off line.
You can do more effective blogging as free marketing. By using the same message theme and product benefits Google will start seeing you as an authority in that field (that niche). This intern will increase your websites Google ranking. Thus increasing your website traffic, organically.

When your attention is more focused on a specific range of products, most entrepreneurs see more benefits or different ways of looking at their products. Thus have more ways to hook their audience which help to turn more audiences into purchasers.

This may then lead to ongoing, future sales and referrals.

The big downer with a lot of Affiliate or Drop Shipping companies is that the company gets all the follow up sales from your initial lead. You spend your time and money initially, only to get the one sale, no ongoing sales.

We Have The Solution…

We have found a company that has High Ticket Affiliate products in one of the most in-demand and fastest growing product Niches globally.Check Out - 17 Minutes OnlyThis training program will give you Clarity on what and how to market online to make more money faster with less effort and time.

Now the cool thing is… You are not obligated to sell the companies products and the Clarity and knowledge you gain is yours forever.

How’s that for a solution, good or great?

You must be a smart person and destined to be great… the average person would have quit reading by now and missed out on these points!

We found to be successful at anything including an online business, you need clarity. Clarity on what to focus on and what main skill sets you need to develop.Return-On-Investment-where-what-how

Clarity is something that can NOT be given to you…

It is something you gain by going through and doing a process!
Would you like to Gain Clarity as an Online Entrepreneur?

You are one click away!
Use this program to gain the Clarity you require to become a hugely successful Online Entrepreneur.

Two brilliant aspects of this company that makes it easy for anyone of any skill level to succeed online is;

  • One – When you introduce a prospective client to this company they do the initial sale on your behalf. Then that customer is linked to you for life, yes, for ever, every thing they buy from the company in the future.
  • Two – They presently are offering an inexpensive Online Training and Supported Program so you get clarity with online businesses and marketing.
You can then use your new found clarity and knowledge, which you gain from the training. To market and sell anything from the Companies Affiliate products to your own products or service now and in the future.
  –Return On Investment (ROI)
If you think you are not getting the value, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

All it takes is One Click Of Your Mouse to Apply.
Better your Return On Investment (ROI) with easier success by going deep not wide.
Talk Soon,
Nicky and Dave
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