Step-by-Step Guide to Set Up Your Own Webinar with GoToWebinar – Creating Webinars Series


You now know why you need to create webinars (Part 1) and what needs to go into an successful webinar presentation (Part 2). It’s Now Time to Setup Your Own Webinar with GoToWebinar.

Part 3 of Creating Webinars Series.

It’s time to walk through setting up your first webinar. Follow the steps below to set up a your first webinar presentation in GoToWebinar.

GoToWebinar is a service where you can conduct do-it-yourself webinars with up to 1,000 people. This can be a great tool to include multiple parties in a webinar from all around the globe

How to set up a webinar in GoToWebinar

1. Sign up for a GoToWebinar Acount

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2.  Log in to GoToWebinar

After you have logged in to GoToWebinar, select Schedule a Webinar from the menu on the left side or click on the Schedule a Webinar button to create a webinar.


3.  Create your webinar in GoToWebinar

Now give your webinar the following:

  • A Title – Your Marketing Hook
  • Write a Description of the meeting (which will be used in your webinar invitation email and registration page)
  • Choose the Occurrence of session
  • Select the Date
  • Select the Start and End Time
  • Choose the Time Zone for your webinar.When you are done, select Schedule.


4.  Manage the settings of your webinar

After you schedule your webinar, you can manage settings such as adding an event staff, customizing the registration questions, and then inviting your attendees. To do so, click on Edit next to the setting.


– Configure your reminder emails

Configure your email settings to remind registrants of upcoming webinars. These reminder emails contain a registrant’s unique attendance URL, an important piece of information that identifies them.

At this time, your autoresponder (AWeber) cannot send these emails. We recommend you configure at least one of these emails to be sent directly from GoToWebinar.

To set up the reminder email, click on Edit next to the Reminder Email setting.


Generally, we like to configure the reminder emails to be sent out one week, one day and one hour before a webinar. Check off the boxes next to the times that you would like to send a reminder email.


You can also send yourself a copy of the reminder email, so you have a record in your inbox.

With the AWeber integration through Zapier, you can benefit from GoToWebinar by capturing subscribers who register for your webinar.

Use This Guide to Integrate GoToWebinar With AWeber

It means you can do follow up emails with AWeber and create an email list to convert them into paying customers.

The Next Article will be the Final Part of Creating Webinars Series.
The topic will be 
How to Deliver Your Webinar with GoToWebinar.

Nicky Cane

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