Smart Entrepreneurs Leverage These Key Components…

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This is three of a series of articles to help Entrepreneurs. As so many struggle making money online!

This is a follow up article on the last 2 articles on bettering your Return On Investment (ROI).
One showed the basic math and solution to better ROI – Read Article Here. The other article showed how to better your ROI by going deep NOT wide – Read that Here.
Want to make $10,000 per month online? Read to the end…

Smart Entrepreneurs Leverage These Key Components…

strategy-excution-successNow if you don’t use these leverage components.
We are not saying you are wrong. However this is a better, PROVEN ROI if you can do this.
A few pitfall a lot of Entrepreneurs fall into is they don’t look at What a Customer is Worth… Now and in years to come?
AND / OR They don’t leverage Systems enough to improve their ROI.
To improve your ROI of your time and money as an online entrepreneurs it is better to sell;
  1. Someone else’s products so they have the customer service and fulfillment headaches.
  2. See products that lead to future sales
  3. Make sure the company supplying the products gives you commissions for the Life of YOUR Customer that you acquired for the company.
  4. Automate the Sales process (the Sales Funnel) that uses systems to make money while you are sleep.
As the System and other people are using their time and skills to make your sales for you.
Warren Buffett quote make money while you sleep
So smart online entrepreneurs find systems that sell for them and that sale is NOT A ONCE OFF SALE… the customer is yours for life.
Now in the ideal world…
Your Sales Funnel can start with a Free or low cost product. And by the time the prospective customer comes out the Sales Funnel you are making thousands of dollars per sale.
That can lead to You Making Tens of Thousands of dollars in the future all with out YOU doing any more work, not even a follow up phone call.
Here is a critically important point… What is it you want to gain from your online business apart from the money you make?

Internet Marketing (Digital Marketing) is a MILLION Dollar Skill…

Smart Entrepreneurs engage in an activity for more than the short-term monetary gain.
want an online money machine bannerThey also want to gain more Marketing Knowledge in the Million Dollar Skill… As all products and businesses need good Marketing!
So if in the future the system or the company they are leveraging slows down or stops. Your income does not slow down or evn stop. We have gained the valuable skills to keep making Big Money Online, even when we sleep!

Here is the Solution…

We have found a company that;

  1. Has High Ticket Affiliate products in one of the most in-demand and fastest growing product Niches globally where you make up to 20,000 per sale.
  2. They have a multiple sales funnels that lead to ongoing sales done for you for the life of your customer.
  3. You make big commissions and they have the Sales Funnels and Sales People that you can leverage.
  4. They are global so you can make money while you sleep.
  5. They also offer Affiliate Partners an inexpensive training and coaching program so they can make money quickly and easily. Gaining the Million Dollar Skills of Marketing.

How’s that for a solution, good or great?

You must be a smart person and destined to be great… the average person would have quit reading by now and missed out on these points!

We, like the company, have found that the success of entrepreneurs is increased drastically when they have;

1/ A Training Program
2/ Personal Coaching
3/ And MentoringReturn-On-Investment-where-what-how

How would you like to have access to an Online Business and Traffic Training Program for ONLY $49 – Valued over $997

We are NOT Sure How long it will remain at that ridiculously low price.
PLUS we are offering to the next 3 people a FREE Online Business Strategy Session and one on one Mentoring, valued over $397. (you need to complete the Online Business and Traffic Training first)
You are a click of your mouse away for $10,000 a month and changing your life…
Remember to keep mind What a Customer is Worth to you and how the power of leveraging Systems could improve your Return On Investment (ROI).
Talk Soon,
Nicky and Dave
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