Make Your Products Irresistible to Customers


The moment possible customers land on your website, there’s a high chance that they have not heard of whatever you are promoting. But by the time they finish reading your sales letter, you want them to be wondering how they ever lived without it.

Creating desire for your product can be achieved in a number of ways. The most common is to show that your merchandise is the long lasting solution to an particular frustrating problem that your customer is having.

The Pre-Sold Customer

There’s a secret that car salesperson know that they don’t share with a layperson.

The Secret Is: People don’t walk into a car display room because they don’t are interested a car. In almost every case, they are really there because they already have made a decision to buy a car and possess the money or credit to buy it. Additionally, they would prefer to drive off in their new car as soon as possible.

Car DealThe same principle holds true when possible customers land on your website. It’s as if they are really walking into your showroom. They haven’t shown up there because they found your page randomly. They are there because they want to buy products like yours.

So as the author of your sales page, your job is simply to get them to do what they already want to do in the first place.

The quickest way to push somebody in order to a buy decision is to charm them and effect their emotions. Make use of standard sales techniques such as storytelling, social evidence, scarcity and others to on the readers’ heartstrings and encourage them to take the action that you want: To buy your product as fast as possible.

Just How to Describe Your Products

ProductWhen you describe whatever you are promoting on your website, you want to avoid wasting a lot of time on details unless they improve the emotional story that you are selling.

The possible customers probably already are familiar with whatever it is you are promoting. So they no longer need to know that your eBook is 425 pages long, or that your video series is available in five 12-minute episodes, and so forth.

Any descriptive words you use to market your products need to be there for a reason. It is to push potential customers to make a buying decision.

Features vs Benefits

Generally people are not necessarily enthusiastic about what your product is. What they really want to know is exactly what it will do to make their lives better.

Therefore rather than focusing on detailed features of your products, you need to get your readers to focus on the benefits they will receive when they purchase the product.

For example, if you are promoting how converting your home to solar power, your viewers are much less enthusiastic about how many panels you will need or what the final electrical end result is going to be.

What they really want to know is how soon they get your product so they will be self-reliant, save huge sums of money, and reduce their carbon footprint.

Quite simply, features tell but benefits sell!

Power of Reverse Psychology in Marketing

Another very effective sales strategy is to use reverse psychology to motivate your readers into wanting your product even more.

This is when you tell them – usually toward the end of your sale letter – that they may not be the right customer for your product. For example, if you are promoting a guide to how to improve your love life, toward the end of your sales letter, suggest that if your readers aren’t ready to make an emotional connection with another person or are afraid of committing to a loving relationship, then they probably aren’t the right person for your product.

This puts your reader on the defensive because, of course, those are exactly the benefits they want. Otherwise they wouldn’t be considering your product. Sometimes this can motivate them into making buy decision just to prove you wrong.Reverse Pyschology

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