How To Successfully Avoid Being Banned By Facebook


Just seven years ago, I am told if wanted to place ads on Facebook with pictures of money, make claims, well basically do almost anything you wanted. You got approved.

Banned by FacebookThat is now long gone…

Flash forward to 2017 and we never had an ad account flagged for policy violation. However, we have heard plenty of stories the one thing in common is Facebook’s “reason”why they triggered the ban is always vague. Any way, some marketer’s think it as a badge of honor to be banned when they Advertise on Facebook.

Nicky read this article from Adleaks and we wanted to share with you the main points they recommend.

What NOT to Do?

Do the following in order to optimize conversions on your landing page, and to avoid being banned by facebook:

  • Having a Negative first impression.
  • Your ads call-to-action doesn’t align with landing page.
  • Having a pop up on the first step of the landing page or funnel.
  • Value proposition is unclear, unreasonable or misleading.
  • Poor mobile experience.
  • The landing page and ad created are not aligned.
  • The page load time is too long (creates high bounce rate)
  • The opt-in forms and sign-up boxes are not easy to find.
  • Lengthy opt-in forms (K.I.S.S- Keep It Simple Stupid).
  • Before and after images.
  • Excessive amount of emojis, characters or ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Missing a privacy policy, terms and any applicable disclaimers
  • A Landing Page Redirects to another type of page (pop-ups, income claims, etc. are a no-no).
  • Never have a video that auto-plays on your landing page.

Banned on Facebook Now What?

You will get a warning in your account will say “if you believe this is a mistake, contact us”. So please ensure you always click that and explain why you believe it’s a mistake. Then ask for a manual review because sometimes they do conclude that it was indeed a mistake.Banned by FacebookDo This!

It’s especially relevant that everyone who uses Facebook has read there Terms and Conditions. If you haven’t yet, do now.

Happy Ad Campaigning,

Nicky and Dave

P.S. Follow this advice: Have several accounts created just in case you do get banned. You than can continue marketing and all wont be lost.


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