The “hero’s journey” applies to starting anything new but in this article, we’re going to use it to refer to a business and how you can take someone on a journey to becoming a customer of your business – take them on their own hero’s journey.  Of course, if you are the person just getting started in your business then this is your journey too as you can see it from both sides

What is The Hero’s Journey?

It’s a FORMULA that almost every single human on this earth gets, bonds and resonates with on a deep level. There’s loads of information about the hero’s journey all based on  Joseph Campbell “Myth of The Hero Journey”. Most share this formula in a fun way through animation and film clips.

We were pointed to the below hilarious breakdown “The Hero’s Journey Glove and Boots” by our friends Chris and Susan.

The Hero’s Journey Glove And Boots

Again, it’s simple enough to get …

Nearly every story has a relatable character, in an ordinary world. The hero is called to an adventure. They doubt themselves or refuses the call at first. Then, he encounters a mentor. They battle an enemy. There’s conflict. And there’s always a reward.

That’s it in a nutshell.

Again, this applies to nearly EVERY MOVIE or STORY in existence.

JourneyTake Star Wars for example…

Luke Skywalker lives on a farm with his aunt and uncle. He’s called to action,however is reluctant to go, wanted to stay on the farm. He accepts his calling, and meets his mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi. His enemy is Darth Vader. He also has an inner enemy that holds him back. Doesn’t believe in himself. Then he gets over his inner demons and learns the force, eventually saving the galaxy.

See how you can use this formula in your business following along with the format.

Especially make your Customer the HERO. Not you. Help them to see and believe in the simple plan (the force) that will help them reach their destination.

Therefore you won’t need to “convince” and “sell” your product (The light saber.)

Hope this helps as you grow your customer base and build your business!

This is the system we’re using personally… (see if you can spot the Hero’s Journey in the video)

Hope this humorous look of the hero’s journey through the animation of glove and boots helped you see how important this kind of thing is in your business success.

Talk Soon,
Nick and Dave

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