The Content Elements that Need to Go into Every Successful Presentation – Creating Webinars Series


Part 2 of Creating Webinars Series.

When Creating Content for a Webinar Presentation, you need to first choose your Target Market.

Keep in mind that your target market needs to fit the criteria below:

  • Are they Easy to Reach
  • Do they have a High Disposable Income?
  • Is there a lot of ‘Pain’ in this Market? Are they ‘Irrationally Passionate’ about Topic?
  • Is there good ‘Back-End’ Potential? High ‘Lifetime Customer Value’?
  • Is there a significant enough market? (30,000 – 10,000 searches on Google a month)

Then you need to choose the Right Subject Topic in order design your webinar presentation.

You could present a webinar on a great number of things.  When it comes to choosing a topic for your webinar, teach them what you know and show them what you’ve achieved. If you’re struggling with content ideas then leads, and traffic is two of the biggest topics of interest in the money marketing opportunity market.

Some individuals don’t have faith in their ability to present valuable content because they see themselves as novices, and they become apprehensive to teach others. But even if you’ve had success with something like Facebook pay-per-click (PPC) ads, you’re already more experienced than the person who is just starting out. The point is, you’ll always have an audience that wants to learn.

Content Elements of a Successful Presentation

  1. Use a Marketing Hook / Tantalizing Title

For the sake of continuity, let’s stick to the topic of Facebook PPC. The title of your webinar should be compelling and engaging.

cotentIt may be the first thing potential attendees see, so it needs to communicate exactly what the webinar will be about and what they will learn if they attend. For Example, the marketing hook for the Facebook PPC webinar could read something like, “Learn How to Generate 10 Leads a Day with Facebook PPC.”

This type of title is particular, authoritative and indicates what the attendee can expect. You should be using it in your pre-webinar marketing to generate interest.

  1. Introduce Your Webinar

Introduce the webinar with an outline of what will be discussed for the following hour or so. Remember, people can leave the webinar when they choose, so use this time wisely and provide valuable content so they have a good reason to stay. When you begin, reinforce the title, and tell them what information they can expect to take away at the end.

contentAs you’re beginning the webinar, you can preemptively address any concerns about the results promoted in your title. For example, some may argue that 10 leads are not a lot. You could combat that argument by explaining that 10 leads a day would generate more than 300 leads a month.

And if they can do that all year, they’ll get over 3,600 leads. Good email marketers (which they will become after attending your webinars) should generate $2-$3 per month, per lead. If they get those results, they could be earning $9,000 a month from those 10 leads a day! Those are significant results from what seems like an insignificant number of leads.

You then tell your audience that you’re going to show them the step by step process you took to achieve similar results. Don’t just dive straight into the demonstration; you need to introduce it effectively by explaining exactly what you’re going to demonstrate.

Once the “what” is over, it’s time to show them “how” …

  1. Provide a Demonstration

If you sit in your chair and talk to the audience for an hour, you’ll be lucky to get any repeat viewers. You need to present your information with engaging visuals and walk your audience through the exact process you took to get your results. Go through each step in detail like where to place an ad on Facebook, how to write an ad, and where to send traffic.

At this point, you should be about 30 minutes into the webinar. It’s now time to talk about the offer.

  1. Sell and Train at the Same Time

When educating people about a product, service or method, you can subtly promote your product. However, you should avoid overselling your product so you won’t overwhelm your audience.

There are two ways to approach selling while providing training.

  1. Tell the audience that if they found value in your webinar, you can offer another course that expands on the information you’re presenting. At this point, you could direct them to ‘Your Mastery Program’ for example, a series of 8 webinars or an online course.
  2. Explain that although you’ve demonstrated how to generate traffic through Facebook PPC, they need to convert their leads with a highly successful sales funnel or a good back-end product. You can then outline how your program will serve these purposes and how you’ve succeeded with it. For example, in our webinars the audience is told about the “Done For You” products, high-ticket back-end offers and how the sales team does the work for you while you collected the commissions.

Also, Do Not Forget the Power of giving BONUS Content on top of the Original Offer!

  1. End with a good call-to-action

contentInclude a compelling Call To Action (CTA) that gives clear instructions on what attendees need to do to buy your product. Whether they need to call, click, or sign-up for an email list, be sure to explain what steps they need to take to complete the purchase.

To increase urgency, you could include a fast-action bonus. To complement the webinar topic, you could offer a free one-on-one consultation on how to set up a Facebook ad to the first three people to sign up in the next hour.

When It’s Time to Create Your Own – Keep These Things in Mind

Once you present your first webinar, your following webinars could discuss similar topics, like how to run a PPC campaign on a different platform.

Download This Template Blueprint to Creating Yourself a Successful Webinar Presentation.

The frequency of webinars depends on your schedule and how motivated you are to build your business and communicate with your audience. Do not feel pressured to come up with new webinar topics continually.

You can capitalize on a webinar you’ve already presented by perfecting it, recording it, and adding it to your marketing materials.

Podcasting is in it’s infancy and cultivating these skills will offer you world-class opportunities. These skills can be useful when creating a series of webinars.

The next article will be the Part 3 of the Creating Webinars Series.
It will be a Step-by-Step Guide to Set Up Your Own Webinar with GoToWebinar.

Talk Soon,
Nicky Cane

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