This week I read for the first time 100 Ways to Motivate Others: How Great Leaders Can Produce Insane Results Without Driving People Crazy. The Authors Steve Chandler and Scott Richardson prove that sometimes the simplest ideas make the most sense.

The book quickly can encourage leaders/ business owners to rethink their managerial style.

It’s important to read if you wish to learn how to use basic management techniques to get the best work from other people; and how you can to get your employees to motivate themselves.

One curveball: if you have trouble relating to sports analogies, look out – the book is full of them.

Despite this they explain the 100 straightforward nuggets of motivational advice in short chapters laced with inspirational quotes.

100 Ways to Motivate Others Book Cover

The 100 Ways to Motivate Others are:

1. Know Where Motivation Comes From
2. Teach Self-Discipline
3. Tune in Before You Turn on
4. Be the Cause, Not the Effect
5. Stop Criticizing Upper Management
6. Do the One Thing
7. Keep Giving Feedback
8. Get Input From Your People
9. Accelerate Change
10. Know Your Owners and Victims
11. Lead From the Front
12. Preach the Role of Thought
13. Tell the Truth Quickly
14. Don’t Confuse Stressing Out With Caring
15. Manage Your Own Superiors
16. Put Your Hose Away
17. Get the Picture
18. Manage Agreements, Not People
19. Focus on the Result, Not the Excuse
20. Coach the Outcome
21. Create a Game
22. Know Your Purpose
23. See What’s Possible
24. Enjoy the A.R.T. of Confrontation
25. Feed Your Healthy Ego
26. Hire the Motivated
27. Stop Talking
28. Refuse to Buy Their Limitation
29. Play Both Good Cop and Bad Cop
30. Don’t Go Crazy
31. Stop Cuddling Up
32. Do the Worst First
33. Learn to Experiment
34. Communicate Consciously
35. Score the Performance
36. Manage the Fundamentals First
37. Motivate by Doing
38. Know Your People’s Strengths
39. Debate Yourself
40. Lead With Language
41. Use Positive Reinforcement
42. Teach Your People “No” Power
43. Keep People Thinking Friendly Customer Thoughts
44. Use Your Best Time for Your Biggest Challenge
45. Use 10 Minutes Well
46. Know What You Want to Grow
47. Soften Your Heart
48. Coach Your People to Complete
49. Do the Math on Your Approach
50. Count Yourself In

51. To Motivate Your People, First Just Relax
52. Don’t Throw the Quit Switch
53. Lead With Enthusiasm
54. Encourage Your People to Concentrate
55. Inspire Inner Stability
56. Give Up Being Right
57. Wake Yourself Up
58. Always Show Them
59. Focus Like a Camera
60. Think of Management as Easy
61. Cultivate the Power of Reassurance
62. Phase Out Disagreement
63. Keep Learning
64. Learn What Leadership Is Not
65. Hear Your People Out
66. Play It Lightly
67. Keep All Your Smallest Promises
68. Give Power to the Other Person
69. Don’t Forget to Breathe
70. Know You’ve Got the Time
71. Use the Power of Deadlines
72. Translate Worry Into Concern
73. Let Your Mind Rule Your Heart
74. Build a Culture of Acknowledgment
75. Seize Responsibility
76. Get Some Coaching Yourself
77. Make It Happen Today
78. Learn the Inner Thing
79. Forget About Failure
80. Follow Consulting With Action
81. Create a Vision
82. Stop Looking Over Your Shoulder
83. Lead by Selling
84. Hold on to Principle
85. Create Your Relationships
86. Don’t Be Afraid to Make Requests
87. Don’t Change Yourself
88. Pump Up Your E-mails
89. Stop Pushing
90. Become Conscious
91. Come From the Future
92. Teach Them to Teach Themselves
93. Stop Apologizing for Change
94. Let People Find It
95. Be a Ruthless Optimist
96. Pay Attention
97. Create a Routine
98. Deliver the Reward
99. Slow Down
100. Decide to Be Great

Sorry that I could not proberly summarize the whole book in a little more detail. The article would have been way too long. Though if you do find any of the 100 ways to motivation interesting then you must read the full book.

Remember that these techniques must be applied, not just conceptualized. As the authors warn skeptics, practice makes perfect.

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