Is Being an Entrepreneur Safer than Being an Employee?

No matter who you are, you are going to NEED money.

Once you’ve realized that you need to make money, then you should focus on discovering which way is the one that will bring you more happiness, and which one fits your dreams and goals.

If you are struggling to decide if being an entrepreneur or being an employee is for you. Then ask yourself this question: Why do you work?

As I have been on both sides of this equation, I had to ask myself this question too.

In this video, Eric Worre a business colleague from about 15 years ago interviews a few other well known entrepreneurs.

Eric has been a very successful MLMer, Network Marketer. And we had some good successes together. However, we now recommend different business models.

As an Online Business Consultant I help people to find an easy online solution that doesn’t have the MLM pitfalls. MLM is great for some people like Eric however it’s not my first or second choice.

Life’s too short to live someone else’s dream, instead of your own. And living only a fraction of your potential… Step up and become a better version of Yourself.

The Which, Why and What… as far as the Best Business Model is explained in simple plain English in my eBook ‘How to Pick the Best Online Business’

How to Pick the Best Online Business eBook 2nd Edition header slideWith this Book, You will Discover the Pitfalls of

  • Shopping Carts
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  • Network Marketing (MLM)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • And Much, Much More!
I will also show you a proven, profitable easy online business that is low risk and offers extremely high returns and quickly. And for the NON Readers I have a short video that short cuts the books key points.

Allowing you to get the start and making money online quickly.

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So do you want to be an employee or an entrepreneur.
It’s up to you.
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