How to Achieve In Your Pursuit of Happiness and It’s Benefits


Are you truly happy?
Do you even know what it means to be happy and what it takes to achieve happiness?
These are important questions for anyone who is seeking happiness to ask themselves. We try to live our lives to maintain my own happiness while trying my best to not cause unhappiness to anyone else.

What do you want out of life?

The most popular answer is “happiness.” When parents are asked, “What do you most want for your children?” the answer is “happiness.” Happiness is the goal that makes other life goals—like success, prosperity and relationships—feel meaningful and enjoyable. It’s official—the pursuit of happiness has sped up!

Happy If you want to be happy you need to understand that you can be happy and that you should be happy. Many people make the mistake of believing that they don’t deserve happiness and accept their unhappy state as their destiny. The truth of the matter is that happiness, like anything else in life, needs to be nurtured.

The following are a few tips we follow that create happiness in our lives:

  • Understand what it is that will make you happy.

    Everyone has unique requirements for attaining happiness and what makes one person happy may be very different from what makes someone else happy. Do not worry about whether or not your desires are comparable to those of your peers.

  • Make a plan for attaining goals that you believe will make you happy.

    Your mood will very likely increase as your pursue your goal because you will feel better about yourself for going after something you value.

  • Surround yourself with happy people.

    It is easy to begin to think negatively when you are surrounded by people who think that way. Conversely, if you are around people who are happy their emotional state will be infectious.

  • When something goes wrong figure out a solution instead of wallowing.

    Truly happy people don’t allow set backs to affect their mood because they know that with a little thought they can turn the circumstances back to their favor.

  • Spend a few minutes each day reflecting about the things that make you happy.

    These few minutes will give you the opportunity to focus on the positive things in your life and will lead you to continued happiness.

  • It’s also important to take some time each day to do something nice for yourself.

    Whether you treat yourself to lunch, take a long, relaxing bath or simply spend a few extra minutes on your appearance you will be subconsciously putting yourself in a better mood.

  • Finding the humor in situations can also lead to happiness.

    While there are times that require you to be serious, when it is appropriate, find a way to make light of a situation that would otherwise make you unhappy.

  • Maintaining your health is another way to achieve happiness.

    Being overweight or not eating only juck food can have a negative effect on your mood. Additionally, exercise has been known to release endorphins that give you a feeling of happiness.

  • Finally, understand that you deserve happiness.

    Those who believe that they are not worthy of happiness may subconsciously sabotage their efforts to achieve happiness. If necessary, tell yourself each day that you deserve to be happy and remind yourself what steps you will take to achieve the happiness you desire.


The tips in this article are small but meaningful steps that you can take each day to lead you to more happiness. We try to incorporate the tips above into our lifes everyday. They do really work.

Happiness is hard to define but most people are aware of whether they are happy or not. It is up to us to change to become happier and healthier people.

We wish you much happiness.

Nicky and Dave

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