The Amazing Power of Consistency in Prosperity Mindset Training


We gained the knowledge of the Power of Consistency from The Power of Consistency: Prosperity Mindset Training for Sales and Business Professionals by Weldon Long.

“Success ultimately comes down to how well and how often we do the little things. It’s not about doing one great action every now and then. It’s all about doing the small things on a consistent basis. Do the little things well, and the big things will happen.”

This is the Power of Consistency.

Power of ConsistencyAs we don’t get to take advantage of the power of 20/20 hindsight, humans grow by making mistakes, learning from them, picking ourselves up, and carrying on.

The key to improvement is in recognizing the error of our ways, finding a better course of action, and being consistent in moving in a more positive direction.

To improve your life in all respects, design your course and then embrace consistency. 

The Problem

Everybody faces challenges and adversity that they can—and frequently do—use to justify their mediocre or poor life situations. Whether your challenge is a slow economy, cheap competitors, and/ or no access to capital.

If you are waiting for these obstacles to magically disappear so that you can be wealthy, you might as well get used to being broke. You have to find a way to succeed and prosper despite them.

Successful sales and business professionals are not successful because they somehow avoided obstacles. They are successful because they have mastered the art of creating a prosperity mindset that is geared and programmed to overcome any challenge and thrive in the face of adversity.consistency

A prosperity mindset is a key to the kingdom.

You just aren’t doing the things you know you should be doing on a consistent basis. Welcome to the conundrum of human nature—knowing exactly what you need to do to increase your sales and grow your income but not doing it on a consistent basis.

Success is not a question of whether you should create a prosperity mindset; it’s a question of when. Our actions are our thoughts and expectations. In essence, it states, “Private affirmations dictate future actions.

The Solution is Consistency

To overcome challenges and create wealth or prosperity in our lifes it takes creativity and consistency.

The truth is that the world’s most successful people think differently than others—and think about different things.

You will learn that your life is a perfect reflection of your thoughts, including the things you repeatedly say to yourself. Once you master this process, you will find that external forces have very little to do with your business and sales success.

You will learn that if you believe you will succeed, you are right; and that if you believe you will fail, you are also right. You will learn that your expectations create the ceiling on your results.



We learn’t the four-step process called the upside of FEAR that involves:
Emotional commitment

The FEAR process will guide you through the steps of creating a personal prosperity plan and give you the tools you need to transcend obstacles and adversity. You will learn how to get focused on what you want and how to become deeply emotionally committed to those things.

You will learn the value of a quiet-time ritual and how to take consistent action toward reaching your goals. Finally, learn how to take responsibility for the decisions that define you when faced with the inevitable challenges in business.

Implementing This Process

Nothing will change once you have mastered the concepts that The Power of Consistency teaches—that is, if you don’t implement what you have learned on a consistent basis.

We have honestly learnt and implemented 80% of the actions listed in the book and find it a valueable resource.

Nicky and Dave

P.S. If you haven’t read the book yet, get it now. It’s The Power of Consistency: Prosperity Mindset Training for Sales and Business Professionals by Weldon Long.

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