Don’t Forget To Have Fun in Your Business!


Somewhere along the way, many entrepreneurs forget to have fun with the business. After a while, you might get bogged down with details or you might get burned out. A lot of this happens because entrepreneurs are known for being workaholics.

But you know the saying: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This is true no matter who you are.

Too many entrepreneurs focus on the money at the expense of enjoying the process.

What’s More Important To YOU?

(1) Devoting everyday to the making of money for money’s sake

(2) Money so your whole Family can have a comfortable lifestyle, while you still have fun with Business!

Don't Forget To Have Fun

If you chose the second one. Then you must keep reading…

If you aren’t having fun in your work, fix the problem before it gets serious. Keep in mind that Fun, profit and excellence go hand in hand.

If you don’t do it excellently, don’t do it at all. Because if it’s not excellent, it won’t be profitable or fun, and if you’re not in business for fun or profit, what the heck are you doing there?”

– Robert Townsend, 20th Century Business Writer.

Don’t make your business venture all about work. Avoid that – Stop FOCUSING on the Wrong Things.

Strive to be happy, but also understand that simply having money will not make you happy.

The Benefits When You Don’t Forget To Have Fun!


Your most innovative ideas are likely to come when you’re in a relaxed frame of mind. A little bit of play in your schedule can free up your mind so that you can come up with innovative solutions to your business dilemmas.

Innovation Comes With Fun Breaks

If you feel yourself getting bogged down or burned out, stop what you’re doing and play a little.

Build Your Team

If you have employees or contractors, playing together can make a big difference. When we play together, we built bonds and trust.

Teamwork isVital to Morale

If you want to forge a strong team that’s loyal to each other and that works well together, consider doing fun things together. You might also be surprised at what it can do for morale in your company.

Keep the Business Interesting

We all feel a little more fulfilled when we can have fun working our business, not working for the business.

Many of us become entrepreneurs or start new projects because we have passion and an interest in what we are doing. After a while, though, you might lose interest if all it is is work, work, work. Add a little fun.

This is the Sign You've Been Looking For

By adding a little fun to your business schedule, it suddenly doesn’t feel as much like work. It’s easier to remember why you’re doing it when you’re having fun. Messed around a little bit, and recapture some of that passion. It will help you push through the difficult times that come with any growing business.

If you become too focused on the money, you can lose sight of the most important things in life and forgot to have fun and enjoy the moment.

A lot of entrepreneurs think of business as a constant uphill climb. They may end up making millions a year but they are too busy to get off the hamster wheel.

Some Entrepreneurs realize when it’s too late that money alone wasn’t making them happy or free from working 9 to 5. So remember to work hard but reward yourself by spending time with you family and friends.

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Don’t Forget To Have Fun!

Talk Soon,

Nicky Cane

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