8 Mindset Commitments for the Entrepreneur

“Many people dream about being an entrepreneur, starting their own business, working for themselves, and living the good life. Very few, however, will actually take the plunge and put everything they’ve got into being their own boss.” – Fabrizio Moreira

Entrepreneurism is a way of life.

It means embracing challenges, stretching yourself and acting in spite of fear.

If you’re not getting the results you want, it may be because you’ve not yet fully committed to the entrepreneur’s way of life.

Ask yourself whether you’ve committed to each one. If not, it’s time to make the commitment and watch your results change.

8 Mindset Commitments for the Entrepreneur

In this 4-minute video tutorial, Norbert Orlewicz tells us the 8 Mindset Commitments For the Entrepreneur.

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