Facebook is #1 Website in the World


The most popular of the social media platforms is Facebook.

This is the most powerful tool you can utilize in your online marketing. Once you have Facebook Pixel setup on your website. It’s time to think about advertising on Facebook.

Why Facebook?

It’s the #1 Website in the World!

Number 1 in the WorldAccording to recent reports, there are at least 2.13 billion active monthly users. On top of that there is another 1.74 billion active mobile users.

If you think about it that means that half the world’s population of 7.6 billion (Dec 2017) is on Facebook.

That’s a huge amount of audience you can potentially reach for your business.


On average people spend at least 20 minutes per day on this platform. When marketing on this platform remember that Facebook knows Everything.

Some More Reasons to Advertise on Facebook…

Reason #1. Facebook Advertising is Highly Effective

According to an eMarketer study, 96% of social media marketers consider Facebook the most effective social media advertising platform.

In the past years, social media advertising has grown into a highly popular marketing channel. That’s because it’s one of the most effective paid advertising channels, helping to get new leads and turn them into paying customers.

Reason #2. Simple Set-Up Process and Fast Results

You don’t need to be a Fortune 500 company or acquire funding to advertise on Facebook.

The best thing about Facebook ads is that you can get started without much large effort, and see the first results when spending as little as $10. In fact, you can even drive people to your landing page at the cost of $0.10 – $0.30 per click, depending on the ad placement.


Reason #3. You Can Reach Your Perfect Audience

As of January 2017, more than one billion people see an advert through the Audience Network every month.

Add to the equation the people viewing their Facebook newsfeeds and Instagram accounts, and you’ll grasp the extent of target audiences available via Facebook advertising.

Reason # 4. Facebook Ad Campaigns Are Highly Customizable

In addition to your Facebook ad design and copy. You can also customize every element of your Facebook ad campaign including:

  • Campaign objective
  • Target audience
  • Bidding
  • Delivery optimization

Reason # 5. Facebook Is Adding New Features Every Month

In 2017 alone, Facebook has added so many new features it’s hard to keep the count: Messenger Day, Instagram Stories, Live Video updates, improved ad reporting…

Along with all these Facebook updates, advertisers have an increasing number of tools and tactics to reach their target audience.

Who would have thought that advertising could be so easy to set up that anyone can do it?

improve internet market skills bannerStart Facebook Advertising Now!

The faster you learn to advertise on Facebook, the sooner you’ll unlock the full potential of social media advertising.

The best way to start learning about Facebook ads as a beginner is to set up your Facebook Business Manager account and create your first ad campaign.

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Talk Soon,

Nicky and Dave

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