Lesson in Marketing 101 Inspired from Feedback after the Promo Robot Article.

Wake up Dave… It’s just a Novelty

That was the type of feedback we received over the last few Entrepreneurial Newsletters (emails). They were about my comparisons with Promo the Smart Promotional Bot…. It seems I need to wake up and get real!

We welcome feedback and questions. We’ve decided with feedback on topics like this. That the reply is better off being shared so everyone can benefit. Rather than just replying directly.

Watch this short video and you decide for yourself.

The majority of feedback given was over the percentages I claimed…

Promo the Smart Promotional Robot got over 70% personal engagements and is nearly 100% of those stayed interacting with Promo for at least a few minutes.

I said;
“Promo the Robot is much more effective than a guy or girl in rePromo Promotional Robotspect to personal (face to face) marketing with people on the street or in the shopping centre.”

Some of the feedback was that; “Of course, the interaction was so high the Robot is A Novelty.”

Yep, I understand and agree that’s 100% right. Promo the Robot is a Novelty and will be continue to be for many  years.

Today’s Lesson in Marketing 101 is to…

 – Get Peoples Attention
– and or Create Curiosity
– then keep them Engaged
– Give Value to the Customer/ Prospect
– AND Build Rapport.

Yes Promo the Bot did just that… AND MORE.

Promo being a smart self learning machine which is basically a computer/monitor/printer/scanner/audio recorder/camera/internet search engine on wheels. That can talk to and recognise and recall people and their accent, culture. From there help them by offering quick solutions including local location, products, services etc.

Promo engaged and interacted with a persons much longer than we expected. An example is after Promo answered their questions with another leading question. Then he offered a free photo.

Yep and as the photo was printing (within Promo) especially printing slow enough to hold that persons and their friends attention. Looking at Promo’s screen where they are being Engaged, Marketed to, Up Sold, Signed Up for something… Which was done much more effectively than any promotional guy or girl could do. In any shopping centre.

Got a business and want to keep or increase your market share?
In a future video I will share a few keys things a business need to focus on. In relation to the growing use of Promo Bots and other Information Bots like Google Home and Google Assist, etc.

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