6 Proven Strategies To Achieve A More Productive You


A lot of men and women hoping to generate profits online are often limited to working for only a few hours per day or less. If you are working a day job and are frustrated that you can’t spend additional time becoming financially free, I’ve some good news for you.

Have you any idea what’s even far better than having additional time to work? Getting just as much done as possible with the time you are doing have available.

Associated with that if you are not targeted and effective throughout a short period of the time, then having all day long would just imply more squandered time.

Like a mentor of mine once said, “If you cannot earn a living in your spare time, you can’t generate profits full-time.”

5 Proven Strategies to a More Productive You…

These proven strategies I wish to share may help you too to get even nearer to your earnings goals in less time.

1. Know How Our Brains Work Against Us

There was a meme going swimming called “Scumbag Brain” that jokes about how precisely the mind works against us sometimes rather than doing what we wish it to.

For instance…

Scumbag Brain meme

Perhaps you’ve pointed out that gritting your tooth and counting on willpower together is insufficient.

Think about the previous time you were on a fitness program that didn’t last. You visited the fitness center religiously for many weeks…until you trapped a cool, or missed every day. Then, it was back again to your old patterns and tendencies again–not to say thoughts of guilt and self-blame.

The key is to avoid self-criticism by understanding how your mind works. We all get lazy or have setbacks. The key is to get back on track again quickly when (not if) it happens.

2. Set Life and Business Goals

As I have said before goals are vital.

Set to set up your goals you need to…

  1. Decide. Think of something you want to do or work towards.
  2. Write it down. Carefully.
  3. Tell someone. Telling someone we know about our goals also seems to increase the likelihood that we will stick at them.
  4. Break your goal down.
  5. Plan your first step.
  6. Keep going.
  7. Celebrate.
  8. When Achieved Create Another!

Go Deep with your Goals. Do not be completely superficial, like I want 1 milion dollars – think WHY. Do Goals for at least the next 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. I also do 3 years time. Have FUN!

3. Agenda 90-120 Minute Time Blocks

Weekly Planner Photo by Jess Watters on Unsplash

The simplest way to get something done is to create a particular time and location to take action, and then arrive when the time arrives. Otherwise, your targets and plans aren’t concrete enough, and you will fall in to the procrastination trap.

It’s also an undeniable fact that individuals can only just stay concentrated and beneficial for only 90 to 120 minutes at the one time, before we desire a break or diversion. You can’t really stay ultra-productive on a regular basis. Don’t even take the time trying.

Instead, plan blocks of your time when you will be working, so when it’s over, STOP. Take a 15-20 minute break, and when the day is done wrap up on time.

Remember to have dedication to your agenda and be countable to yourself – think of it as really your day before’s task to set up the next day.

4. Prioritize Your Top 5 Items

It can help to list the most notable 5 tasks to perform each day, ideally the night time before. Then, when enough time involves work, focus on one thing at the same time, starting with the main action item of your day.

When it’s done, move to item #2, and so forth, until done. DO NOT make an effort to do a couple of things simultaneously! Multi-tasking is a misconception and a tale.

It offers people the illusion they are getting ultimately more done, however in simple fact you lose focus while switching backwards and forwards between items since it does take time for your brain to get swept up again.

5. Create an Environment for Concentrated Work

Good Productive Working EnvironmentYour performance is damaged by the surroundings you’re in and the various tools accessible to you, positively or adversely. Give the body and brain what they have to perform by establishing your workspace for success.

Before you begin, drive out the clutter and remove any potential interruptions. Try to have only 1 window open on your pc, unless coping content from one program to another. Move away from email, mobile phone, and social marketing until your projects block has ended. You can plan a separate session for calls and email.

I’ve also discovered that upbeat music or podcasts helps me move quicker, so long as it isn’t too distracting (no vocals-otherwise brain will focus on the lyrics).

6. Have a Fun Break!

Lastly, don’t forget to give yourself the rest you need, in order to have the concentration reserves you need to fuel your work.

So make a point to schedule periods each day for breaks, leisure, and fun as well as working on your business. It’s just as important if you want to be consistent in the long run!

Hopefully you will see these pointers to be as helpful as these were for me personally while growing my very own recession proof income!

Also, if you need to get even more done and make even more income in less time than you can perform through your own initiatives, consider licensing and promoting other’s info products and sales funnels, alternatively than creating all of them from scratch.

That’s what my father and I focus most of our attention on.

To find out how even technophobes can make thousands per week without a website, no product, no shipping, simply by spending thirty minutes per day carrying out a proven method, just click here for details.

Here’s to a more Productive You!

Talk Soon,

Nicky Cane

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