Picture Your Content Presence On Top. Read This And Make It So!

Content marketing is becoming more important than ever.

The absolute best way is to create a popular website and build a list of loyal readers is to deliver high quality, informative, and entertaining content. This may sound easy but after a few months you begin to run out of ideas.

Since you don’t want to keep posting the same thing over and over again, you’ll need a strategy for creating engaging new content. The following is a simple technique that will allow you to take one piece of content and turn it into a variety of different things.

Tips To Increase Your Content Presence…

Start By Using The Most Popular Content That You Already Have.

What’s been liked, commented on, and shared the most?
It could be a video, podcast, article, or email so long as it was well received and pulled in a lot of traffic. Longer content works better than shorter pieces but any size will do.

Take this material and extract the main information. You’ll want to have the general idea or topic of the content as well as the main points it touches on. Take this and turn it into a rough outline that can be used again.

Create Your Own Books and Reports

We have done this ourselves. Our first book is titled; How To Pick The Best Online Business. In this book you can Discover the Pitfalls of… Shopping Carts… Drop Shipping… Affiliate Marketing and Much, Much More!

However, the easiest thing to do is hire a writer. Give them the outline you created from the popular content and tell them you want a short book or a report based around that information. This can be written rather quickly and can be a great resource.

You can send it out for FREE to your list, use it to get new subscribers or even sell it on Kindle.

Develop Videos That Offer Value

Videos are popular and high value pieces of content.

They can easily be created from the outline you made previously. There are a few options but one of the easiest is to simply make a slide show based on the information. With a little music and the right branding, a video like this can help drive traffic to your site and increase your presence on places like YouTube.

Serialized Articles

You may find that one of your most popular pieces of content is also one of the longest pieces you have. These are great candidates for serialized articles. Rather than simply writing one post, you can write a few and release them over a period of time.

This is a great option for newsletters but can also work well for blogs. Since people will need to come back to read the new articles, you’ll have returning visitors.

It can be tough to come up with a constant stream of content. High quality material is, however, more important than ever so implementing a strategy that helps you expand your content can be a great idea.

When Stumped… Idea Generators are Marvelous.

This is an important tool for bloggers, especially.

Idea Generators are a simple program which generates headings for posts based on a subject you provide. This could be anything at all. Some sites even let you input whether that word is a noun or a verb.

TRY one of these for inspiration:

You probably already have a few great options and a little time or money is all that’s needed to turn them into something else. Rather than driving yourself crazy trying to do all of this yourself, get help here!

Talk Soon,

Nicky & Dave


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