Know the Importance of the Facebook Pixel?


Is the Facebook pixel needed?

Heck yes!

There are Facebook advertiser’s who currently aren’t using the Facebook pixel and some that are just not using it to its full potential. The excuses can range from confusion and intimidation to ignorance regarding whether it’s needed at all.

We set up Facebook Pixel on our website a month before we first advertised on Facebook because without the Facebook Pixel, you’re limiting yourself from the most popular targeting options.

You aren’t able to accurately track conversions.
How in the world do you so without the pixel?
You can’t optimize for conversions. You can’t do any of the fun stuff.

You know… the fun stuff that leads to measurable results?

If you’re not familiar with the Facebook Pixel, it’s a snippet of code unique to your ad account that should be placed between the HEAD tags of every page of your website.

Importance of the Facebook Pixel

Once it’s there, magic can happen. Without it, very little happens.

When the pixel is on your website, Facebook knows when someone visits. They know what page they visited and when. As a result, you can create some pretty amazing audiences with some of the following data:

  • The details of all of your website visitors during the past 1-180 days
  • Those who visited a particular page or group of pages
  • People who visited a particular page but not others
  • Also the people who visited during the past 180 days, but not lately
  • Consumers who executed certain events X number of times or valued at X dollars
  • People who were within the top 5%, 10% or 25% of most active visitors

You need the pixel especially if you have a big e-commerce site.

By having a Facebook pixel on all of the key pages of your website (such as checkout pages, add-to-cart pages, or registration pages), see how many people take action on your ads and which Facebook Ad led to a conversion.

Conversion Tracking enables you to use optimized cost per impressions (oCPM) and show ads to people who are more likely to convert at the most efficient bid possible.

The bottom line is this: If you don’t have the Facebook pixel on your website, you have an uphill battle. Your targeting is second-rate. Tracking your results is damn near impossible. You can’t optimize for the action you actually want.

And that’s bad. We want you to have success. And without the pixel, you’re making it extremely difficult for yourself.

It’s TIME to Master Facebook Pixel!

We know that the Facebook pixel is still a mystery for some advertisers.

Facebook covers how to install a pixel on your website, track actions on your site that you care about, and make sure that your pixel is working in this article here.

Facebook Pixel in 3 Steps

If you haven’t already – set up Facebook Pixel at least a week before advertising with Facebook.

Are you struggling with the Facebook pixel?
What issues are you having?

Let us know in the comments below!

Talk Soon,

Nicky and Dave

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