In our last two articles we talked about the difference between Branding vs. Marketing and Which Comes First – Marketing Or Branding. In this article we promised to go over The Importance of Understanding Branding vs. Marketing when applied to your business.

So here it is…

The Importance of Understanding Branding vs. Marketing

While branding and marketing are distinctly different, there may be one area where they overlap. When choosing imagery to be used on a continuing basis, branding and marketing become one in the same. As the saying goes “An image speaks one thousand words.”

Knowing that, when you select your organization colors, images, and logo–remember that they need to first stand for your brand–but that they can also play a considerable role in your ongoing advertising campaign.

Think about the number of images we see everyday—on our Facebook feeds and Twitter timelines, on websites we visit, in the games and apps we use on our phones. Though billboards and print advertising prove that brand imagery has always had a place in marketing, it’s undeniable that it now plays a much more important role, because of social media. If properly used, images can deepen a customer—or potential customer’s—attachment to your brand.

A branded image is custom designed and must be entirely unique for simple and immediate recognition.

Check out this trusted and well known brands.

How many of these do you recognise? Most of us would get at least 80% or higher.

The Importance of Understanding Branding vs. Marketing

The Importance of Understanding Branding vs. Marketing

In the event the difference between marketing and branding are actually clear, nevertheless, you are still doubtful of the value of understanding the two–it all boils down to conversions. When you could create your marketing strategies with nothing at all apart from keyword fads, and the very best marketing methods inside your industry–your conversions will be lower if your individuals are not linked for you as a brand.

Your branding is exactly what generates a timeless connection.

Even though your present marketing efforts are made to engage, it’s the ongoing branding that continues customers returning. Competition is brutal, and the actual fact of the problem is that we now have companies who offer equivalent products and services–or even the very same products and services that you offer. It really is your branding that could keep your customers going back for more. It really is your branding that builds devotion and trust. It really is your branding which makes you unique.

Without branding, you might become successful, but with branding, your success will be a lot more considerable. All strong buildings have a good starting place and foundation. Understanding the difference between marketing and branding will allow you to build your foundation of branding—and your extensions via marketing.

Remember to keep in mind the importance of understanding Branding vs. Marketing when applied to your business.

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