The “Why” of Why You Sell Is What Will Make You Successful


The best satisfaction one can get is when they are selling solely because of the “why” we sell.

At exactly the same time, the most challenging time we’ve had is when we are focused on our very own personal targets at the expense of the clients to whom we were selling to.

The biggest sin a salesperson can do is to sell a lot more than anyone could handle. It could be an absurd amount of inventory or even a  product that is a trendy that does not solve an existing problem. A salesperson that sells to customers without acknowledging the “why” does not get repeat customers.

A sale that’s not worthwhile for the client is not really a sale.

ask yourself whyWe find ourselves excited about sales because it isn’t about concluding a deal. It’s about making a good impact with the individual that we’re providing to. The “why” of why we sell is to produce a positive impact. If what we are promoting won’t make an optimistic impact, then we are no longer selling for the reason we want.

When people are jazzed about why they sell, it’s amazing what can occur.

When you love what you’re doing, the simple truth is you see things differently. Troubles become opportunities you want to follow. The capability to help people becomes a dash that continues you driving forwards and carrying it out with enthusiasm.

Why will you sell?

We’re not stating you can’t generate profits by selling. We are able to make big money selling whenever we truly are centred on the “why” of why we sell. The amount of money we make is only the scorecard. It is the compensation for success. It is the reward for assisting people.

There are certainly others out there who are stating that sales should be focused on the amount of money you make. We cannot do anything in what they choose to believe, but we could control what we choose to believe.

A coach can help you excel in your sales career!

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