Every Entrepreneur is Just LIKE an Elastic Band

A more naive version of me once believed that when I had built a successful business, everything would be easier.

There would be less struggle. Less problems. Less stress. Less things to worry about.

How wrong I was…

I’ve found the opposite to be true. The more successful your business becomes, the more problems you have to deal with.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d much prefer to have a successful business with a lot more problems, than an unsuccessful one with few problems.

But this idea that everything will be hunky dory when you’re making thousands of dollars in sales (or more) is just incorrect. The good news is, your ability to handle problems will greatly increase too.

The analogy I will be giving today is that every entrepreneur is like an elastic band.

When you stretch the band a little bit, it will always spring back to it’s original size.

When you stretch moderately, the same thing will happen.

But, if you stretch it almost to the point of breaking… then you’ll notice it springs back to a slightly larger version of it’s original size.

Keep doing this again and again, and that elastic band will end up double it’s normal size.

Entrepreneurs are just like the elastic band!

Every Entrepreneur is Just LIKE an Elastic BandA little stretch, is us thinking about launching new products… hiring people… looking at funding options. Thinking, with minimal action.

A big stretch, is us taking massive action. And having a lot of things go wrong (Facebook ad accounts getting shut down, employees stealing, business partners cheating, customers backing out of deals, merchant accounts getting shut down, etc etc).

The challenges make us feel like we’re going to break at times. But if we can navigate our way through them… we come out the other side with an increased capacity to handle bigger problems. And we are better entrepreneurs capable of running bigger businesses as a result of it.

Don’t look at the challenges as bad things. Learn to expect them, and to have faith you’ll figure out the solutions when they crop up. If you want a little help with coming up with solutions – just reach out to me by booking an Online Business Strategy Session here.


Remember Entreneueurs are just like a elastic bands!

Talk Soon,
Nicky Cane