Why You Should Stop Working in Your Business

When I first heard Michael Gerber (the guy who wrote “The E-Myth“) 5 years ago, I didn’t think too much of him. I read some of his stuff, nodded my head and moved on to the next guy. Didn’t seem too revolutionary.
That’s changing.

Recently, I’ve been watching everything I can find about Michael on YouTube. I’ve listened to one of his seminars on Audible quite a few times. I’m devouring his stuff.


I’m finding that Michael speaks directly to my situation.

And while I think that you would profit from watching all of Michael’s stuff too, here’s a distilled version of his message:
Your business is your product.

Not what you’re selling. Not the service. Not the information. Not the events. So don’t spend your time thinking about that stuff. That’s someone else’s job.

Your job is to work on your business. After all, you’re the business owner. You own the business, so it’s your responsibility to take care of it. Refine it. Think about it’s future. Build it up.

In Michael Gerber’s words, you should be working on your business, not in it. But what does that look like? To work on your business?