When Should I Add a 2nd Traffic Source to My Marketing?

We’ve always been an advocate of starting with ONE traffic source, mastering it, then layering in another—then mastering THAT before moving on to a third source.But, that said, we want to make one thing clear: your FIRST focus should be creating additional communication streams and driving better engagement with your list, leads and customers.

For example:
limited-offer-300x300First, blast them with an incredible irresistible offer.

Maybe it’s a “secret strategy session” where you share your screen and literally walk participants through how you’ve made money with [Insert Online/ Affiliate Business Opportunity}.

If we were new to affiliate marketing, that’s pretty irresistible to us, and we’d definitely buy into the offer if that were on the table.

We recommend that you also create a Facebook Group – it takes about 60 seconds. You aren’t using Facebook as a second source of traffic source but instead creating another touch point for your customers.

Once that’s done, send an email to your list and invite people to join your group. Offer something that’s again, irresistible like tips and tricks you don’t share in your email outreach.

Now, you’ll be funneling people to your Facebook group!

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In your Facebook group you should post TONS of high-value content—pictures from any Masterminds you’re attending, irresistible and exclusive bonuses and more.

So, at this point, you’ll be reaching out via email and connecting with people through Facebook. That’s the goal – to keep layering in more channels and more methods to connect.

In our experience and in working with Consultants, we find this works even better than introducing new traffic sources. Unless you’re very far down the road with your business, you properly DON’T need other sources of traffic.

You probably just need more communication channels and to get better at engaging your list.

In affiliate marketing, especially when we first started out… We would really look at how much a sale was worth to us.

rolling in money lady excitedFor example, we sell someone something on behalf of a company and get a $1,000 commission. So, we would then ask ourselves what’s the commission worth to us?

Then we could do something crazy – give away out time with a one-on-one strategy session or two. It needs to be something of extremely high value. We still made a lot on the sale, but this add-on made our offers that much better and that much more irresistible.

If you have any type of business right now, that’s what we’d be doing. Its simple, but it’s VERY effective.

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Nicky and Dave