The Fundamentals of High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Businesses!!!

Last week I talked about Normal Affiliate Marketing as a Business Model. Today I will be talking about High Ticket Affiliate Marketing.

What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing you might ask?! It’s a type of affiliate marketing and the term high ticket is usually used when referring to sales or in the case of affiliate marketing commissions of $1,000 or more.

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Yes? Then read on you’ll understand how to Pick the Best High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Program… They are NOT All the Same!

Continue reading to get the benefits of High Ticket Affiliate Marketing and the Disadvantages with SOME, not ALL High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Companies.

The Benefits of High Ticket Affiliate Marketing are;

  1. Affiliate marketing can be done online or offline.
  2. You don’t need staff.
  3. Low overheads, NO special equipment or buildings.
  4. You can run the business from anywhere with a Laptop and Wi-Fi
  5. You have time freedom.
  6. In some instances, you don’t need to be a good salesperson. As the Company may do the phone sales and follows up for you.
  7. It is easier to master Marketing; which normally is the only primary skill you need to master. As the Company in most cases does the Sales, Product Development, Shipping, Invoicing and Customer Service.
  8. You don’t need to have a garage full of products
  9. The company deals with product warranty issues, not you.
  10. The graphical adds, banners (banner adverts) are done for you.
  11. You have a business that uses leverage. Leveraging the company’s staff and systems.
  12. The products in many cases don’t suffer from discount wars, which intern would diminish your commission and net profit.
  13. In many cases (depending on the product and company) you can scale up, sales funnel that is working. That is increasing the marketing budget reaching more people (online and social media marketing). Making more money in proportionally less time.
  14. Not Normally!! However there are follow up products that you and selling to existing customers.

    These products may be a higher cost than the initial product, meaning your commissions are higher from the sale to that same customer.

  15. The main benefit of High Ticket Affiliate Marketing over standard Affiliate Marketing is the Higher Commissions. Which normally means higher Net Profits.

You can see that High Ticket Affiliate Business can offer a better lifestyle and cash flow than normal (traditional) affiliate marketing and other online business models.

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The Pitfalls of some High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Businesses:

  1. It is typically expensive to get started, many thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. And you may only get a training and or personal development seminar in a luxury resort. Plus a website and the right to sell the High Ticket Products.
  2. And there is no way to Earn as You Learn how to be profitable in the business.
  3. Your commissions are only 15% to 50% on the high ticket products
  4. You usually need to do the follow-up Phone Sales, yourself.
  5. You may need to master both, Marketing and Salesmanship, which are skills that take time to learn.
  6. In most cases you have other cost and skills you need to develop your own sales funnels, many Companies only supply the Affiliate Information Website. (with your affiliate link). So you need to learn and develop Lead Capture Pages, also known as Landing or Squeeze pages and Sales Pages (web pages).
  7. Welcome emails and follow up emails, are generally not provided. You need to develop dozens of masterful marketing emails, by yourself!
    – Plus you have another cost of an Auto Responder Follow-Up Email Program like Aweber which is from $19 per month 

When you choose a High Ticket Affiliate Program…
Make sure the Company offers all the benefits mentioned AND NONE of the Pitfalls, mentioned above. Also like all Companies, High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Companies also need to have the 7 Key Factors, equally strong.

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