How to Position your Brand for Success

Now that we’ve explained what a niche is before and how to create the ideal customer avatar, let’s briefly discuss what positioning is and how all these notions – niche, customer avatar and positioning – fit together.

You have your niche, the part of the specific market that you want to serve.

You know your ideal customer, their needs and wants.

Now you’re setting off to create a product or solution for that ideal customer avatar in the specific niche. But what features are you going to attach to that product? How are you going to market it so it attracts your perfect customer?

This is where positioning comes in place, and frankly, it’s very important to your business to get this part right.

Brand positioning is the process of putting your brand in the mind of your customers. Brand positioning is also referred to as brand strategy or positioning strategy.

It’s all about the image that people hold of your brand.
How valuable is it to them? What feelings does your brand create?

Position your Brand for Success

To create a strong brand positioning you need to find your brand’s uniqueness and determine what differentiates your product from your competitors’.

Take a minute or two to contemplate the following brand positioning questions. Do this by keeping your ideal customer avatar in mind…

  • How do I differentiate my brand?
  • Does the actual experience match my ideal customer perceptions of the brand?
  • Is my core message believable and credible?
  • What’s the unique value to my customers?
  • What’s a clear picture that describes my brands? How is it from my competitors?
  • Is my brand streamlined for my core customer’s profile?
  • Is it memorable? Inspiring? Motivating? Fun?
  • Is it consistent in all areas of my marketing?
  • Are the value and benefits easy to grasp?
  • Is my brand difficult to replicate?
  • Is it designed for long-term growth?
  • Does my brand have a unique voice?
  • How are my products priced compared to the competition?

The answers to those questions will most likely help you solve the mystery of how you should position your brand (with positioning strategies) to better serve your ideal audience in a specific niche.

Just Some Positioning Strategies

There are several types of positioning strategies. Examples are positioning by:

  • Competitors: Making consumers think that your brand/ product is better than that of your competitors.
  • Product Attributes and Benefits: Associating your brand/ product with certain characteristics or with certain beneficial value.
  • Price of Product: Associating your brand/ product with competitive pricing.
  • Use and Application of Product: Associating your brand/ product with a specific use.
  • Product Quality: Associating your brand/ product with high quality service or goods.

Consistency wins the race in customer avatar marketing

Next, you need to impress your brand positioning upon your ideal customers. To do that, you must start from within your business.

Everything in your marketing needs to be consistent. This includes every member of your business that touches your customers. Each customer touch-point needs to be the perfect expression of your branding.

And remember to always come back and revisit your ideal customer avatar when new prospects and sales data is available.

Avatars Help Laser-Focus Marketing Efforts

Once you confine your marketing efforts to a highly defined, but more limited market, you’re able to engage those individuals on a much deeper level, and make better decisions with them in mind.

A great marketing campaign promotes an amazing product to the right people, on the right platform, at the right time.

When you understand who your ideal customer is, what they look like, their habits, interests, challenges, aspirations, in fact everything about them, you’ll be much more effective in marketing to them.

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