Importance of Multichannel Marketing to Audience Communication

I often talk about the importance of Multichannel Marketing to audience communication. Email Marketing. Facebook. Direct mail. Instagram. Skype. Always more ways to connect with your audience.

I’m a big believer in this, because over time most media channels lose their effectiveness.

For example, there was a time when getting peoples fax numbers was all the rage among direct response marketers. You could send prospects a fax right into their home kind of like direct mail printed directly in their office, with no other junk mail / other emails arriving at the same time competing for their attention.

Then a government agency – the FCC banned sending fax without prior written consent in the states.

Besides, very few people use faxes today anyway. Same sort of thing happened with the phone. There was a time when marketers could call their prospects without express permission.

This worked very well, for quite some time. Then along came the ‘do not call’ list. Business’s built on unsolicited phone calls were virtually dead overnight.

Even with email marketing – although not banned – we have seen a huge decrease in responsiveness. There was a time when you could easily get 50% open rates. It wasn’t quite that good when I started (2008) but even back then, I’d get 20%+ open rates on a luke-warm list all the time).

Now it’s a struggle to get 8% open rates. My point is, media channels don’t last forever. They get banned, or lose their effectiveness. Some last 5 years. Some have been around for decade but still had plenty of ups and downs (direct mail).

But any business built on just one media channel is like a one-legged table. Very unstable, and never far from toppling over.

So that’s why I say add in multiple channels.

But …

I am not advising you to spread yourself thinly across a bunch of channels. If you do this from the start, you Won’t master any one of them. There’s just too much to learn.

“It’s better to focus on 2 or 3 media channels when starting out, instead of registering we for 10+ different accounts on different platforms, and doing them poorly. Just focus on a few (1 or 2) and grind it out as a practitioner.
“Practitionership and taking the time to hone your craft is why I respect comedians who go to small venues even during their prime. Take Seinfeld or Chris Rock, for example.

Even after all their success, they continue to test out material in small clubs in middle America. No glory, just craft. That’s real dirt—never getting too fancy to forget what got you there in the first place.”

~ Gary Vaynerchuk

So be in the trenches testing different things. Personally, with my online media right now I’m focused on Facebook, Email, and Instagram.

I’m strong at email. And my Facebook Marketing is fairly responsive.

But my Instagram skills are still developing. Sales are still very low.

This is a medium I’m committed to mastering though over the next 12 months. I’m starting out from scratch learning what works, and what doesn’t. Some the photos get a lot of comments. Some don’t.

My last running short video Facebook paid ad I was getting clicks for about 73 cents, and the videos got about 11,317 views.

Once I find the formula that works, I’ll scale up quickly on my ad spend. My goal with Instagram is to get a lot of attention from an audience that buys. Just like I do on Facebook.

Attention alone means nothing. On Instagram, which is a very visual medium, it’s easy to get attention.

Want 100,000 followers?

Post 5 photos of bikini-clad models each day, and you’ll get them. 99.9% male, and they won’t buy much. So attention should not be the end-game.

Money (sales) is the end-game, and attention is just the means to an end.

The point is, even though I tell you to never be dependent on just one media channels, you still need to focus on just a few and get good at:

  1. Building an audience
  2. Engaging that audience
  3. Getting that audience to take out the credit cards and actually buy from you (most important)

Get good at doing this on a few media channels only then, should you look at adding more.

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